3 Third-Party Analysis Tools to Find Those Hidden Opportunities

Analytics and data tracking are crucial to the success of any internet marketing campaign. You need to measure how well your website is performing to see if you need to make some changes or improvements. A number of different tools are available for tracking and analyzing data, and if you use them correctly, you can find opportunities to adjust your budget, refine your internet marketing strategies, and explore options that can possibly generate more ROI. Some of these tools are from third party websites and can be adapted into your search engine marketing program. Here are three of them:

1. SEMRush
SEMrush is aimed at digital marketing professionals who are looking for an easier and more scientific way of finding profitable keywords. This tool can help you define optimization goals, improve the visitor and user experience in your website, and create highly targeted content. SEMrush offers online marketing tools that let you acquire indispensable data for developing effective link building, advertising, and SEO strategies. It can make your online marketing activities more efficient and allow you to monitor the performance of your website conveniently.
If your goal is to (1) find highly targeted keywords and use them to optimize your content, (2) audit your website to find technical issues, and (3) determine the most profitable pay-per-click keywords for bidding, then SEMrush is highly recommended. You can likewise use this tool to track your website ranking and monitor if it is going up or down.That’s not all, though. SEMrush can also help you keep up with the results and online strategies of your competitors. The analytics reports provide insights into the strategies of your competitors in link building, organic and paid searches, and display advertising.To get started with SEMrush, consider requesting a demo or try it before committing to a monthly or annual plan. SEMrush offers three plans: Pro, Guru, and Business. Getting an annual plan may help you save up to $1,100.

2. Majestic.com
The popular Majestic.com marketing search engine is a vast link intelligence database that is designed to give you a sense of how websites relate or link to each other.
Majestic is recognized for creating the most advanced link intelligence API. SEO professionals can use Majestic to compile pitches, find potential clients, audit websites, manage their portfolio, and report on their progress. Media analysts find Majestic helpful in discovering what is out there and what factors are currently influencing web trends. Entrepreneurs can use Majestic to track their social media marketing campaign or SEO, measure success, and prepare for more business opportunities.Majestic offers plugins and extensions for browsers like Firefox and Chrome to bring data right when and where you need it. There are tools for exploring up to five years’ worth of your competition’s history data, too. Different licensing levels and price points are offered to suit your requirements. There are currently four different plans at reasonable prices. You can go for a monthly or an annual subscription.

3. Screaming Frog SEO Spider
This website crawler lets you crawl websites to obtain crucial onsite elements you can use to analyze from an SEO perspective. You can download Screaming Frog SEO Spider for free if you want to try it and see how it works for your needs, or buy the licensed version to get access to additional features. The free version gives you access to most of the basic features of Screaming Frog, with a crawl limit of 500 URLs.
Screaming Frog’s ‘SEO Spider’ tool is particularly useful for quick crawling and analysis, so you can make more informed decisions as soon as possible. You can use it to find broken links, find permanent and temporary redirects or perform full audit redirects, analyze meta data and page titles, discover duplicate content, extract data, review directives and robots, and generate XML sitemaps. SEO Spider can be integrated with Google Analytics, too. That way, you can fetch user data like bounce rate, conversions, sessions, transactions, and revenue for a landing page.

SEOValley™ can provide you with a free SEO audit to help you utilize these third party for comprehensive analysis. Our 10 years of extensive SEO knowledge, website review expertise, and experience enable us to build solid strategies and innovative approaches for our clients’ online marketing needs.