5 Old School SEO Tactics that Still Work

Search engine updates spread a great deal of fear and uncertainty among website owners and administrators. Often, these updates and improvements mean a slip on their rankings or the need to overhaul their SEO strategies to cope with the changes. However, there are certain SEO tactics and processes that are still applicable today, despite the many changes in SEO algorithms and best practices. Many old SEO practices—when done right—can help you hold your place in SERPs. These old school tactics are not expected to lose value for a very long time:

SEO Tactics

  • Forum backlinks. Automating link building is a surefire way to get penalties from major search engines. Instead of using tools and services that practice link farming, do old school link building by finding forums with closely related topics and subjects that pertain to what you do. Linking to these forums will help create a positive impact on your search engine positions.
  • Directories. Like link farming, bulk submission to different website directories won’t do your rankings good. If anything, it could get your site in trouble with web authorities. Get your website listed only in high-quality directories that are known to deliver targeted visitors. Links coming from authoritative directories along with niche directories that impose strict submission guidelines are much more valuable links.
  • Guest blogging. Guest blogging should be done with a variety of content, instead of a single, same article syndicated to several blogs. If you want to attract targeted visitors, write distinctively for every blog you wish to contribute.
  • Link pages. Maintaining themed link pages containing links to relevant websites instead of ones that contain links to every website you come in contact with is important. In any case, these tactics point to one thing—avoiding spam techniques that will only get you in trouble with search engines.
  • Geographic location pages. Search engines favor specific results that provide visitors with the exact match for their own location.