7 Must Have Tools for Any SEO Professional

SEO is such a complex industry that involves a wide range of processes. This has led many software developers to produce an entire range of tools to help online marketers, website owners, and SEO professionals make the task a bit lighter. SEO tools can be classified into two broad categories—the ones that try to do everything (all-in-one tools) and ones that focus on a single discipline. Nevertheless, your choice of tool or set of tools should be based on what your website needs as well as the basic cornerstones of search optimization. These basic research and data requirements include rankings, link prospecting, SERP difficulty analysis, competitive link research, and analytics, among others. The following are some of the most important tools you should have for efficient SEO:

  • Analytics tools
  • Link Building tools
  • Keyword Research tools
  • Keyword Rankings tools
  • Reporting tools
  • CMS tools
  • Other online marketing tools.

These tools cover all the basic elements of search engine optimization. They come in a wide variety of configurations. Most are available online for free; others will charge you on a per use basis. Some business owners choose to outsource SEO and hire professional SEO firms to handle search optimization and other important online marketing tasks. This is a more practical approach, especially when you don’t have in house talents to do the grunt work often required by SEO.

Tools for Any SEO Professional

Many SEO tools are available for free like Google’s Analytics tools, which provide you a good insight on how your website is generally performing. Others are available for very minimal charges. The key to finding good tools to use is examining exactly what your business needs at the moment and for the long term. All-in-one SEO platforms are also a good idea if you have a good handle on basic SEO processes.