All About rel=”author” Tag

As Google continues to be more personalized, it is worth looking at the Google Authorship mark up. Using the rel=”me” and rel=”author”, it is possible to enhance how SERPs show off your content by putting your face and name to your own work. The photo is obtained from your profile at Google plus.

How to set up the rel=”author” tag

First, you should set up your Google plus profile page. Your author name within search results will be linked to this page. So, ensure you’ve a clear and easy to recognize mugshot because this is what will appear close to your search results.

A couple of methods can be used though the easiest one is submitting your email to Google. The method will work if your email is of a domain similar to your site.

If this is not the case, you should create a link between your content and your Google plus profile. You can achieve this in the following way:

1. Createthe link from your own webpage to Google+ profile

This is the way to do it:  <a href="[Google + profile URL]” rel=”author">Google</a>

For ex:  <a href="" rel="author">Shabir MS</a>

Remember to add a rel=author tag to your author information found below every blog post.

2. Put a reciprocal link, which should run from your G+ profile to the website you updated

To achieve this, you should head to your Google+ profile page and edit the ‘Contributor To’ section.

Now, click on ‘add custom link’ and enter the site URL.

3. After doing this, you should confirm that this is working by using this tool. You’ll be able to see the information that Google will pick up from your page as well as preview your search listing.

That should suffice, though you’ll realize that the enhanced listings may show up quickly for some people, and take some time for others.

Why do you need the rel=”author” tag?

1. Improves visibility

Google seems to use social media information in search results and this tag will definitely improve your visibility in search results.

2. Your results stand out

When visitors come to your site and find valuable stuff, you’ll become an authority and whenever they search for more information in future, they’ll be looking forward to see your image and click on your link.

Other sites may offer similar information but your mugshot will single you out from the crowd.

3. Easy to set up

The above steps take a couple of minutes and can improve your search results

4. Increases credibility

Displaying your mugshot and connecting it to your Google+ profile page shows that Google’s verification for the author and site. This makes the search results more credible.

5. Trust signalA

In addition to increased CTR through the search listings, this tag can enhance trust for your site because of the human image.