An Adventurous Jungle Camp to Kathotiya

There are innumerable ways to add fun and thrill to our corporate life. You can simply plan for a get together and chat over lunch, or go for an outing with your colleagues. If you are planning for something usual and spooky yet enjoyable, you can plan for Camping. We at SEO valley always rack our brains to do something unique and entertaining, for we sincerely believe – ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ So, this year, we embraced the winters with fun, excitement and adventure – we planned for a Jungle Camp at Kathotiya.

Bookings were made in advance, a bus was arranged and 21st of November, 2015 was fixed as the auspicious day. We, the SEO Valley family gathered in our office. From where we started our journey. The journey to the Kathotiya Village was full of merriment and fun. Before, we could even hardly realize that we had spent almost two and a half hours commuting, and we had almost reached our point of destination. The picture of a tiger and a little note stating that tigers are present in the notice board at the entry gate of the Kathotiya village was enough to give goosebumps to the SEO Valley family. Though we are all aware of the insignificant number of tigers in our country, we still felt the thrill tickling down our spine. But, one need not worry for protection and security is provided.

Kathotiya village nestles among the Sylvan Hills away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. It is situated 25kms away from the capital city of Bhopal. It is a small tribal village that is still untouched by the modern ways of living – that includes proper electricity and communication; that adds to the thrill.  The serenity of the place is occasionally broken by the chirping of birds and the rustling of leaves. On arrival, the SEO Valley family were warmly greeted and were served with nice and crispy pakoras and a cup of garam chai (cup of tea).



It was not only the warm welcome but also the aura of the place that completely mesmerized the members of SEO Valley. The little information that had we gathered from our Guide Arun had injected more live and excitement. We got to know that the Kathotiya village is inhabited by the legendary Bhil and Bhilala tribes, the tribes mentioned in many Indian scriptures. The tribe has gained much significance in history for their creative contribution – rock paintings. Once hunter gathers have now settled and taken up agriculture as their means of living. Though their meagre earnings are still significantly supplemented by forest, produce collected from the abundant forest resources around. With these amazing and interesting information, we headed forward to unravel the jungle and into the mysticism.

Since, the Jungle is wide spread, and it had a lot to offer and as usual it was the race against time. We were divided into two groups. While one group headed towards the rock paintings amidst the jungle. The other opted for Rappelling. The groups were asked to gather for lunch in the afternoon. On completing our first camping activity, we returned to the camp for lunch. The SEO Valley family was served with well-cooked food. A table of gourmet meal that consisted of Indian dishes was laid.  After lunch, we had again set out to make our way to the other destination.




On reaching the hill top for rappelling after much struggle through the jungles and rocky mountains, we were endowed with a rich and picturesque landscapes. The guides patiently demonstrated the techniques of rappelling. We all watched with gazing eyes and butterfly in our stomach and waited for our turn to gain a first-hand experience at rappelling. It was fun, adventurous and also a nice opportunity to interact with our colleagues. Rappelling – the leap of faith. Though it was scary to climb down the mountain only with the help of a rope, it was fun. And once you have climbed down it was indeed an achievement, it was ecstasy.

Rock Paintings

The rock paintings are still visible on the mountain walls situated amidst the jungle. Though much of the paintings are not visible, but even the few remains shows the creativity that flourished. On reaching the spot, you can take an adventurous and heritage walk along the ancient rock paintings. The paintings are very similar to those that are also found on the ancient and historical caves in Bhim Bhetka.

We, the SEO Valley family left the sun behind us and made our way back to the camp. Where a nice cup of tea was awaited. And, of course with the completion of our journey came the time to capture those moments of togetherness and merriment. Though tried, we all were much amused as Sini and Arun hummed some beautiful tunes and played the guitar. As the beautiful tune of the guitar and the songs drew the curtain of the great day, it also added and marked a sweet and unforgettable memory to the diary of SEO Valley family.