Content Based Strategies To Win Over The Panda And The Penguin

The recent panda and penguin updates by Google have created a stir in the world wide web. Countless websites lost their rankings overnight and the most popular black hat SEO techniques like unnatural back links were tagged as the culprits.  The search engine giant has now its clear focus on delivering informative, high quality and original content besides enhancing the user experience to the best.

The Panda update from Google emphasizes on the importance of the “quality” based factors.  This change in the algorithm focuses on the depth of information a web site is providing.  With This step Google has made the sites showcasing duplicate and inferior or irrelevant content fall down in the rankings in the esteemed SERP. It largely targeted low value onpage optimization, focusing on unoriginal content and spammy outbound links. The Penguin on the other hand addressed issues related to inbound links, principally targeting the sites having many unnatural links pointing to them. Both the updates have left the site owners on the edge of big penalties in the form of lost ranking or even being dropped from the coveted Google’s search index.

The aggressive stance has made Google’s  attitude towards content, crystal clear. No short cuts would be pardoned and only high quality content sites would be able to claim places in the SERP.  

The Panda and Penguin have redefined the role of search engine optimization (SEO) for the present and as far as vision could reach. Though the keywords still occupy a major position, the content has acquired a dominant role. No more blackhat SEO strategies, like stuffing keywords into irrelevant and low quality articles, can pull up the rankings but now the opportunities to reach high lies around the quality content. The web site owners would have to adopt a few changes in their content strategy with the emphasis on,

Appropriate insertion of keywords – Now the optimum keyword density is deemed to be limited between 1 – 2 percent. The over stuffed websites will be lowered down in the indexing by the Google Panda.
Focus on quality over quantity – The days of overloading the website with junk content are over and now the quality content would lead. The websites should have more relevant and informative content.
Avoiding duplicate content – The copied and duplicate content is bound to attract the wrath of the Panda and so it is strongly recommended to use original content.

The shift from the less than penguin friendly shortcuts, to the more content oriented strategies would certainly not be swift, yet it is bound to pay off with good as gold organic links. Here, we have brought for you  some of the best content based strategies, which can help you pull through the Panda and Penguin turmoil.

Internal links – If your site already boasts of high quality and informative content, then nothing beats leveraging it for internal linking. This way you can generate solid and valuable links.
Blog partnering – A good blog partnering reaches way beyond simple guest blogging, and leads to cross promotion to another level. Just seek around for web sites having relevant content, partnering with these complementary sites and sharing relevant content will inevitably lead to impressive link juice.
Guest blogging – Guest blogging is the ‘in word’, which is creating ripples all over. What can be better than an authority site willing to partner with you and publish your content. The point in consideration though remains to find a dedicated landing page for your readers.
Do- follow blogs – Posting up comments on the Do- Follow blogs will not put a no follow tag on your links. Select a site which is listed on Do Follow directories and ensure to research well about the site before reaching with the linked comments.
Article syndication – One of the popular methods of leveraging content for link generation is article syndication. In this, you publish your content in an article directory or submission site, with a link back to your web site. This is an important process as it also speaks of your expertise on the subject and creates your reputation in the market.

Link building with social media

Social media is surfacing as an important vehicle to support the search marketing strategies. Once you have created informative and engaging content, it is crucial to share it with all. Several social media channels like the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the likes, are perfect to share and attract traffic to your web site, but you must ensure that the content is easy to share by including the social media buttons. 

Link building with the content based strategies is indeed a lengthy and cumbersome process, when compared to the paid links or the ever famous shortcuts. Yet the content based strategies boast of being Panda and Penguin friendly, ensuring you solid organic links and consistent rankings.