Directory Research & Submission

Manual Search Engine Submissions Maximize Your Ranking Potential!

Search engine submissions involve submitting your websites pages (URLs) to human-edited search properties (directories) for inclusion in their web page databases. These search engine submissions are reviewed manually by human editors and accepted only if found fit for inclusion. Once accepted and added to the directory database of web pages, they display in search results when users of these directories query keywords contained in those listings.

SEOValley’s™ directory research and manual search engine submissions to search engines are aimed to ensure top search engine rankings for you. Manual search engine submissions have their advantages and disadvantages, but the advantages are greater than the disadvantages. The advantages of manual search engine submissions include total control over the submission process. The disadvantage is that it can be time consuming and laborious.

SEOValley’s™ Manual Search Engine Submission and Directory Submission

Our SEO experts commence the manual search engine submission campaign by performing an extensive analysis of relevant directory categories to recommend specific categories ideal for your site promotion and marketing needs. Subsequently, we manually submit well-developed keyword-rich titles and descriptions for each listing for editor review. Lobbying is required, if directory editors make changes to listings that we feel are incompatible with your search engine marketing objectives.

Spider-based search engines and manual human edited search directories are equally important in search engine optimization and obtaining higher rank for your website. But directories with human interfaces require additional inputs from SEOValley’s™ experts to find the most relevant human-edited categories that apply to the submitted content, as well in development of keyword-rich site titles and descriptions.

Yahoo, LookSmart and ODP, Major Directories Critical for High Ranking in Major Search Engines

Currently, Yahoo’s database with 30% market share leads in directory listings. Open directories play a major role in search engine rankings for several major spider-based engines like Google, AOL, Netscape and CompuServe. LookSmart provides results to MSN, another very important search engine. Directories, unlike search engines use humans to categorize sites. So manual submissions to varied directories require experienced professionals.

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