Getting Additional Value Out of Your Most Important Landing Page

Optimizing your highest performing landing page is one of the most effective ways to boost your SEO campaign, increase its performance, and maximize your returns. Whether you want to engage people more, avoid abandonment issues or high bounce rates, here are some useful landing page optimization tips you can use to help increase your ROI and unbounce your online marketing campaign:

  • Send visitors to more relevant and better targeted pages than your homepage. Homepages are a hodgepodge of goal-oriented communication and this is how they ought to be. However, they are better targeted at curious explorer type-visitors rather than one who clicked through your organic search listing for a service oriented term. If you want a better follow through with these visitors, don’t confuse them with mixed messages from your home page. Instead, direct them to a page with one message, one goal, and one call to action, hence a targeted landing page.
  • Keep the experience consistent. Not only are users looking for a streamlined experience, they also want organization and consistency. Make it a point to keep your design, messaging, tone, and approach consistent from your META title through your landing page, and the call to action. This keeps your visitor’s experience consistent with their expectations from the time they click your link to when they have to decide to take action.
  • Don’t bore, get to the point fast. No one likes babble and your online prospects are certainly not one to sit through nonsense, especially with all the distractions that can steal their attention away. Make sure that the juicy bits of your message stand out so as to keep visitors enticed and wanting more.
  • Choose a clear, concise, catchy hook or headline. It is hard to compete for audience attention online. Just like a big black newspaper or magazine headline captures your attention enough to make you stop and bend over to read a snippet of the news story for a while, so should your page heading be. No one will pay attention to a web copy with a small typeset and no visible purpose. Create clear, noticeable headlines in relevant positions within your landing pages.
  • Ensure proper traffic segmentation. It is not uncommon for websites and businesses to have multiple target users and demographics. It is important to create landing pages that cater to the needs and the likes of each of your audience segment and intentionally direct traffic to those pages. Not only will you be able to focus on your strategies, you will also be able to measure the most effective market segmentation in your campaign.
  • Declutter. Step back from your landing page and see whether there are competing messages vying for your visitors’ attention. Remove conflicting messages and trim down your message until your call to action only asks for one answer. When there are too many things going on in your landing page, it creates conflict in the mind of the user. Step back, observe, declutter, refine, and repeat until you are satisfied with the resulting landing page.