Has Hummingbird Changed SEO?

If you come across the concept that SEO is dead whether in your mind or in print, simply dismiss it. The truth is nothing is going to change as far as ranking is concerned. What worked before the release of Hummingbird will continue to work after its release. This includes:

  • Engaging and original content remainsto be king.
  • Legitimate back links earned using the right SEO techniques are still essential
  • The need to use keywords carefully and moderately is still imperative
  • Similar signals that worked before Hummingbird will still generate results

The only change to anticipate is the way this new algorithm interprets your search. Hummingbird has been made in such a way that it improves the likelihood of getting more specific results to search queries.

Hummingbird pleases people, not websites

Almost every article online about Hummingbird doesn’t say anything about Google pleasing websites. Instead, Google’s intention is to ensure that users who type in questions receive specific and relevant answers.

In its history, Google has never promised websites something beyond a fair chance to rank by using proper SEO. So, everything this search engine has done is for the user, not a website with answers.

Therefore Hummingbird has not affected SEO in any way. You still have a chance to improve your search engine ranking by making efforts to use proper SEO and publish original content.

However, you’ll also need to compete with the Google’s Information Cards that could already be having answers to the searcher in them.

 As of now, this applies to Google Chrome only. We don’t know how long it’ll take for the other browsers to follow suit.

The Hummingbird Presents an Opportunity for Growth

If your business has to grow, then the website and its blog should grow as well. What worked before should be able to work with Hummingbird, particularly if content has answers to the latest topics from which people may ask questions.
All of the following aspects still work:

  • Combing the news websites and then generating creative content from the current stories
  • Videos remain to be hot and appealing to those who choose links that have answers to their queries
  • Infographics create curiosity and are an awesome way to answer most search engine queries in an attractive and creative way.