How Effective Keywords Landing Page Mapping Strategy Can Benefit in the Long Term

If you’ve been into web marketing for quite some time, you probably know the value of landing pages when it comes to acquiring visitors and encouraging sales. You perhaps understand that a clear concise landing page that creates conversion funnel paths works better than one that is nothing but an unappealing information overload. Landing pages are indispensible and definitely beneficial, but the question is: Are you creating enough of them to better scale your lead generation efforts? The following are major reasons for adopting a keywords landing page mapping strategy:

  • More landing pages equals more conversion opportunities – The more of these you have on your site, the more opportunities available to convert your visitors into leads. Having more landing pages also offers huge SEO benefits, as search engines have more pages to index your site in searches. This means less fiddling with navigation and a smoother pathway from discovery to conversion.
  • More landing pages equals more variety – Variety is the spice of life, it is also applicable to marketing. Creating multiple landing pages allows you to target a wider variety of visitors in the way that will encourage them to convert. Varying content and marketing messages between landing pages allows you to appeal more to certain types of visitors, which means more marketing collateral—more landing pages to house offers, and ultimately more effective inbound marketing.
  • More landing pages equals more targeting opportunities – Segmentation is just as important in SEO as it is in email marketing. Identifying the different segments and buyer personas within audiences means having the opportunity to appeal to their interests, needs, and whims using more relevant and better targeted offers. The more landing pages you have, the more opportunities you have to create segment-specific content that appeals to specific audience segments and demographics.