Link Removal Request Techniques that Actually Work

Bad links endanger your web ranking, especially in search engine results pages. One bad link can lower your search placements down the ladder, which can further lead to lost clients, reduced rankings and low conversion rates. Anyone with some knowledge on SEO, will be aware of the importance of backlinks. However, with the spread of the usefulness of search engines, strive to provide better service to their users have certainly changed. The process involves the way to evaluate links and updating web search are also shifting, putting lesser value on certain types of links, and even flagging some as irrelevant and toxic.

The broadening use of internet has improved the quality of link. It is turned out to be more important than ever, thus many businesses have been focusing on removing bad links that may cause trouble with search engines and on creating high quality link partnerships relevant to their niche. If your website has recently experienced a sudden decrease in rankings and in visitor numbers, see if you can trace the problem to your backlinks. Toxic links can pull your search engine ranking down and make you invisible, therefore there is inaccessible to your target audience. If you have discovered several harmful links during your SEO audit, best request for a link removal from the offending partner. Here are effective ways to send removal requests:

  • Use a legitimate and reliable email address to send out your removal requests if you don’t want your initiative to be ignored. Use an email address that includes the right domain so your recipients will know what they are dealing with immediately.
  • Find a reliable link disavow tool. Take Google’s advice and ask the search engine directly not to take low-quality links into account as they assess your site. However, you should still make the effort to clean your link profile and rid it of unnatural links that point to your site. Simple disavowal might not be enough to regain your standing.
  • Send requests that state the specifics of what’s going on, but remember to keep your explanation short and concise so they will understand why you are making the request.
  • Don’t be threatening as you request for link removal, as this can only make things worse for your site.