Possible Reasons Why Link Acquisition Efforts May Not Be Effective

So you’ve been spending an incredible amount of time and effort on link-building and you are still seeing no improvement in your rankings. You begin to think it is as an exercise in futility, and contemplate about killing it altogether. Our advice is to pause, take a deep breath, and a giant step backward to look at the big picture. In other words, do a thorough website audit to examine link quality.

Getting an outside (different) SEO perspective may change the way you see your link building strategies. Links are still vital to SEO, despite your seemingly fruitless acquisition efforts. It might be that your process needs a revamp or a complete overhaul with the help of an expert team. The following are likely reasons why your link building efforts are falling short:

  • You are nurturing all the wrong links. Wrong links can mean many different things, like those coming from the same places you usually get them; links from less trustworthy and less authoritative places; those from sources that potentially look manipulative; and links from irrelevant pages. These types of links don’t necessarily add value to your optimization and may not be enough to convince Google to move you up their rankings. Link location and uniqueness also play a role in determining the relevance/value of a particular editorial vote. The remedy? Push for in-content links and improve link acquisition through relevant, trustworthy, and authoritative sites, unique to what you are always getting.
  • Wrong domain. This is probably one of the most frustrating link building issues. People’s perception of your domain plays a role in their behavior and attitude toward your content in the search result. This is why it is important to build brand affinity between search topics and keywords, as well as what’s in the minds of your searchers.
  • Accessibility issues. Technical glitches can also be real link busters. Auditing your site for dead links or pages that show error is important if you want to enhance your link building campaign.