Search Engine Compatibility Study

Search Engine Compatibility Increases Your Websites Visibility!

Do you know whether your website is search engine compatible or friendly? Ensuring that your website is search engine compatible, is critical in increasing your search engine positioning. Most search engines use automated software robots to spider, or crawl the page links within websites and interpret the pages. However, most websites are created using technologies that make it impossible for search engines to crawl them. Thus, if search engines cannot crawl your website, it will not be indexed, meaning your website wont appear in search results.

Our SEO consultants guarantee that your website gets top search engine ranking. Our search engine compatibility solutions satisfy the requirements of the two website audiences; i.e. our websites appeal to Internet users and are also search engine friendly. It is important to note that website designs with enhanced user functionality often conflict with requirements conducive to achieving good search engine rankings. The requirements of a search engines two distinctive audiences; end-users, i.e. people and search engine spiders or robots, are very different. Your website rank is important and if it isn’t listed in the top 30 results, it won’t be found. While a website’s most important audience is its users, the need for making the website search engine compatible should not be overlooked. Today, over 80% of Internet users rely on search engines and directories to find websites. Our SEO consultants thoroughly analyze your website to determine search engine incompatibility issues and customize solutions to increase your websites search engine positioning.

SEOValley’s™ website design for search engine compatibility ensures that your website has user-friendly appeal without compromising on web page download time or other essential elements like menu formats and content availability. We abide by Albert Einstein’s philosophy of “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler” while designing a website for search engine compatibility.

SEOValley’s™ Search Engine Compatible Website Design
Cool Looks, Hot Ranks

Most of the popular website development technologies that emerged in the last few years produce great looking, animated sites that search engines totally ignore. Even some older techniques, such as site building with HTML frames are also not conducive to gain high search engine rankings. SEOValley™ knows what appeals to search engines and also how to design a professional website. We create search engine friendly website architecture that improves search engine rankings and site traffic. We include website design elements like your homepage’s ability to display links to the most recent content, as well as drill-down menu structure and format which increase the feasibility of your site being well-ranked by the search engines. Our highly experienced graphic designers ensure that your website looks great, is user friendly and achieves great search engine rankings.