SEO Services Include the Assessment of Website Structure and Coding

The structure of a website and the code used to create that website is important for high rankings in the search engines. Usually, search engines prefer static websites in lieu of dynamic ones. There are various design issues which hamper the rankings of a website. Effectual SEO services take into consideration all these issues and the methods to make a website search engine friendly. Some major design issues found in a website are:

  • Content on the website: the content available on the website should be relevant to the products/services offered by it. It should be keyword rich as well as should be of high quality.
  • Links available on the website: the links of the website should not be broken and should be related to the page. Inappropriate links should be avoided and only good quality links should be used.
  • Proper redirection: old and unavailable pages should be redirected to available and new pages for that content. SEO services utilized for increasing search rankings should consider these redirection issues.
  • Image optimization: all the images available on the website should be properly optimized. They should have proper alt tags as well as the image size should be less. Heavy images should be avoided.

Above mentioned are some of the SEO techniques that when combined with various others, lead to effective SEO services and high rankings for websites.