Top Tools To Track Your Online Reputation

Monitoring the brand or your own nameonline has become an essential task for any business corporation or individual. Now the days are gone, when people used to talk about a brand behind closed doors. Now, there are a number of locations from where you can get to know the conversations which are being held on the web about a brand. These conversations can create havocs in the long run and therefore a basic reputation management is essential to help present a positive image on the web.

But before that, it is important to ascertain the current reputation of you or your brand in the web world. You can get started by the following ways. Monitor the following tools regularly or if you are a large and popular company, hire someone to manage these tools.

  •   •  Subscribe to Google alert through RSS and email by using different keywords. They will keep you updated with the latest relevant Google results based on your choice of query or topic. Set a “comprehensive alert” which will notify you of stories and happening which happen on your name, topic or company. The keywords can be a brand name or your own name, it depends on what you would like to track.
  •   •  It’s advisable for you to be on Technorati if you have a blog. Technorati tracks your “blog creations” or blogs that are linked to yours. When you subscribe to RSS alerts they will send you an alert whenever someone blogs about you.
  • Blog comments can be monitored by a tool named Backtype. Their service lets the user find, follow and share comments across the web. If there is a comment written with a link to your website, Backtype attributes it to you.
  •   •  Discussion boards are places where people can gather and talk about you in a community. You should also keep a track on discussion boards.
  • Tweets move at light’s speed and spreads like virus if not caught at the right time. Use twitter search to locate tweets about your name. Conduct a search for your company’s name or your name or of the topics you are interested in and subscribe via RSS. Email alters can also be received by using additional tools like Twilert and TweetBeep.
  •   •  Filtrbox delivers the most credible and relevant mentions of the things you want to track. The content tracked by them is based the dimensions of feedback, popularity and contextual relevance.
  •   •  A robust network helps a lot as you will receive important updates even without asking for them.

Some companies in the online space offering SEO Services including online reputation management can help you with your specific online needs and can get top SEO rankings for them in search engine results.