Trip to Woods

Travelling and seeing new and amazing elements seem deeply ingrained into the human nature and this is the spirit which guided the SEOValley™ team to their excursion to Samardha Jungle Camp. This intriguing jungle site is located 30 kms from Bhopal, the heart of the Madhya Pradesh. The history of Samardha can be traced back to the era of Nawab’s of Bhopal, who frequented these woods for hunting and this earned the place the title of “Shikargarh of Nawab”. The ecotourism has reincarnated this site as a travel destination, offering a taste of the wild to the people with an adventurous bone in their body. On 22ed September 2012, a cool and breezy Saturday, the SEOValley™ team embarked on their exciting Jungle trip. A couple of hour’s journey by bus was initially bustling with songs and merriment, but soon everyone got absorbed in the fascinating flora and fauna of the woods. The jungle here boasts of 65 species of birds, 20 species of mammals and 45 species of trees, a sight which held all simply spell bound. The team was welcomed by the M.P. tourism staff, which more or less comprised of the locals of the village. Their simplicity touched all, as they warmly offered a breakfast of delicious Poha and a variety of seasonal cut fruits. The camp site consisted of wide premises in which two eye catching igloo shaped cottages dominated the picture. These rooms had all the modern amenities to help the tourists during the day. Behind the cottages stood a huge forest rest house, with two rooms and dining hall, which was built by Sate Forest Department in year 1956 and was renovated in 2011.

After the breakfast the team was divided in two groups and while one was sent on a trekking route, the other group started enjoying the various fun activities in the premises like the Monkey Crawling , Slithering, Balance the Rope, Spider Web, Commando Nets, mountain biking and  bullock cart rides, to name a few. The trekking team, on the other hand, had great time exploring the woods besides enjoying adventurous activities like river crossing etc. Once they were back, both the groups exchanged the tracks and became a part of all the activities. The groups were welcomed back with cool and appetizing lemonade, which was made from the lemons grown in the premises and carried a distinct flavor.

Once both the groups got together again, they were served delicious lunch comprising of local cuisine emanating mouthwatering aroma. The day ended with the a few people from the team playing popular chartbusters on their guitar with a few complementing the musical notes with the melody of their voices. As the sun headed westwards, the SEOValley™ employees boarded the bus again to leave for Bhopal. A perfect blend of adventure and fun, the trip would indeed be memorable to all.