Using the Improved Public URL Removal Tool for Better Results

Information is constantly changing and this requires changes to be made on various websites and searches. Google has a way of ensuring that the content you see is updated so that search results actually bring up valid results.

They have updated the public URL removal tool. It allows you to request changes or updates on third party sites that may not be reflected on the search engine yet. It could be content that was removed from a particular site (if you choose that URL on the search engine you will not find the content you are looking for) or some small changes that were made to the URL.


You’ll need to sign into your Google account in order to submit all the removal requests. The page is supposed to have a 403, 410, or 404 result code (this can be confirmed via a good HTTP header checker), a noindexMeta tag if not the robots.txt. Soft 404 errors are also recognized but not preferred.

How to go about it

First enter the exact webpage’s URL that you’d like to remove. The URL removal tool should confirm that the page is indeed gone and then prompt you to complete the submission. That’s it! With regard to parts of a page that have been changed or removed you will need the URL and a word that was there initially but is no longer there.

This tool makes it easier to make changes and is to be used wisely and carefully.