What SEOs Can Do to Prove Their Long Term Value

Proving the value of SEO can be a challenge, especially when speaking to people who are not very savvy about search. Non-SEO professionals like you or other such companies may have a hard time understanding how search optimization work, making you put your guard up against professionals who try to convince you why you need it for your business. Maybe you’ve had failed search optimization efforts, or maybe you are waiting for results that are simply taking too long to bring results and profit. Worse yet, maybe you’ve heard that SEO is dead. How then, can an optimization firm prove its worth to you? How do you convince important people upstairs that your business requires this service—and for the long term? The secret is in your approach. Here are things you should hear from a search optimization firm/you can say to your managers about the long-term value of SEO:

  • Search optimization has a lot to do with high search rankings and search traffic. This hugely drives your overall SEO success, but it isn’t everything. The main reason why so many people get frustrated about optimization is that they think it is everything. Many even think it is a one-time deal. Search optimization, unfortunately, is only part of a bigger picture that completes the search marketing puzzle. With the changing nature of the SEO environment and the many uncontrollable factors that may affect overall results (and thus your rankings), your optimization manager should also be able to establish other benefits of their investment, and why it usually takes time to see results.
  • Major benefits you can mention, apart from increased rankings, page, views, traffic, and overall business profitability, include brand awareness, long-term rankings, and the ability to keep up with the changing nature of the industry, especially in terms of search algorithm changes—which happen constantly.