Expect More Detailed Search Queries in Webmaster Tools

Expect More Detailed Search Queries in Webmaster ToolsSearch queries tell you the number of times that your URL has been clicked. Over the years Webmaster Tools has been rounding the figures to the nearest whole, even million. This would give a not so clear picture of the actual traffic and impressions on sites.An upgrade was recently made that allows you to view the exact number of clicks and impressions that were made and when they were made. These statistics then remain available to you for 90 days. If you haven’t already verified your website in Google Webmaster Tools then you should.

Once it is verified and you want to see the changes in action you can log into your account. Once you log in click on a link on the left written ‘search traffic’. Go to the ‘search queries’ link on the left and click. You should be able to see the activity.

Mobile sites

Those with mobile sites can now get statistics for those sites separately from desktop sites. Accessing sites from mobile devices is gaining popularity very fast so this information cannot be clumped together with desktop query stats any longer.

Where ‘skip redirect’ is utilized (a user views a desktop URL in the search results but upon selecting it they are taken to the corresponding mobile site, the stats are also included. You can switch from mobile stats to desktop search query stats by clicking on the search queries page and then selecting the filter you would want to use to view the results.

All this information will allow you to better understand your audience in terms of how they interact with your website. Webmasters will also be able to figure out where problems lie on their website. It could be something that the users are searching for but don’t find.