Live Rank Tracking

Do you know which keywords are working for you?

We can give you the information you need to review keyword performance almost in real time—and the intelligence to make better decisions, quickly.

As a part of our SEO process, we provide a live rank tracking tool that can show you the rankings of all the keywords you are targeting in your search engine optimization campaign. This tool can check rankings down to the ZIP code. Track rankings with accuracy in any geographic area of your choice.

  • Know if the efforts are translating into rankings.

    Our live rank tracking tool generates the numbers you need to study the ranking impact of your on-and off-site changes—such as switching to HTTPS or tweaking your meta tags. We help you determine which efforts have a positive effect and which ones should be reverted ASAP.

  • See which keywords and pages bring in the most traffic.

    Having a good understanding of which the queries generate targeted traffic is crucial to further keyword research. With our tool, you can focus your future optimization efforts on the most valuable pages.

  • Spot algorithm shakeups early.

    Live rank tracking can allow you to detect algorithmic changes quickly and react accordingly. We can help you adapt your strategy to minimize the effects of the changes in your rankings.

  • Understand what causes changes in sales and traffic.

    Regularly checking your organic search performance allows you to act early and prevent huge losses. Are your sales and visitor numbers dropping? Our live rank tracking tool can help you trace the cause.

Try It Today

SEOValley’s™ live rank tracker makes it a breeze to track daily keyword performance, analyze competitors, and identify opportunities to drive business growth. Unlike other rank tracking tools that are clunky and unreliable, ours is accurate and easy to use. It’s powerfully simple and immediately actionable. Try it today and see why it’s trusted by thousands of SEO professionals and businesses around the world.

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