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SEOValley™ offers affordable SEO packages that push your website higher while generating more leads and sales for your business. We have a plan that suits you—whatever your budget and no matter what size your company is.

Guaranteed Results

Here’s the SEOValley™ promise: Within 6 to 8 months, your website will achieve top 10 Google rankings for 20% of your keywords OR top 20 Google rankings for 30% of your keywords.

In the unlikely case that we fail, we’ll keep optimizing your website for FREE until those rankings are achieved! No other SEO agency in the world can provide the same guarantee. This is how confident we are of the performance of our strategies.

SEOValley™ offers extensive SEO services to clients. Each service offering begins with speaking to our clients and then meeting them in-person to understand their exact requirement. It is an elaborate step in our service standards, which is the most crucial. This is where we explain in detail about our service packages, chalking up every service package to help you take a decision based on facts and of course, your specific requirements.

The first meeting is important not only to initiate a trustworthy relationship but also to have a better insight into what precisely are your SEO needs and how we can synchronize our services accordingly. Based on our understanding, we propose the best service. Since we have been in this industry for a long time now, we are able to interpret your website-specific SEO requirements after a thorough understanding of all facts and supporting data.

Based on our evaluation, we suggest services and packages that are affordable, and are right for your current requirement. We understand that the SEO service market is a competitive one and that you are approached by multiple agencies. We like to work a bit differently – we offer optimal services at the most affordable prices.

Our SEO services and packages

  • All our service packages are designed and curated keeping basic and elementary SEO requirements of a website. It does not mean that you need to invest only in the service package that costs more. Firstly, all our service packages are affordable. So, even our Plan 6 is as affordable as is our Plan 1. Secondly, all plans are crafted to address specific issues and hiccups – you need to select a plan that is befitting with the need of your site.
  • Our services pay equal attention to all aspects of Search Engine Optimization. Your website gains from all our service package plans – without a doubt. But, before a package service plan is chosen, we contemplate and brainstorm with your team to see which service package will provide fast, reliable and accurate SEO
  • The only difference between the various SEO service packages is the level of involvement from our end. While the Basic package – Plan 1 will typically involve less time and involvement from our team. Plan 6, on the other end of the fulcrum will require more time and dedicated involvement from our end. Optimized results are assured for all ourplans.
  • Customizing our tailor-made packages is a part of SEOValley™ integrated service We understand exhaustively the kind of tweaking and rectification your website needs.

With performance-oriented services, you can look forward to the following with SEOValley™:

  • With our impeccable services, your website ranks top on search page results by the use of your selected keywords
  • Enhanced organic traffic and visitor movement on your website
  • Notable increase in opportunities to convert the leads to sales
  • Faster loading speed of your website
  • Mobile-responsive website that opens with equal proficiency on a desktop as well as on a smartphone
  • Calls and walk-in customers at your brick-and-mortar stores due to enhanced local SEO services
  • Through our off-site services, increase in obtaining authoritative backlinks
  • Adding value add-on services to the website for enhanced visibility, not only for search engines but also for visitors and organic traffic
  • Developing the website aesthetically and impressively as an essential part of our SEO services

Our SEO Process

Step 1: Keyword Analysis & Selection: Our team determines what keywords will have the largest positive impact on the visibility of your website using a thorough analysis and selection process.

Step 2: Competitive Landscape: We analyze websites that are currently outranking you, uncovering their strategy and determining what must be done to put you ahead of the game.

Step 3: Ranking & Traffic Benchmarking: Our team prepares a detailed benchmark report showing where your rankings currently stand. Every aspect of your SEO campaign will then be focused on improving this status quo.

Step 4: On Page Optimization: In this step, we adjust your site structure and keyword density for maximum search engine friendliness.

Step 5: Technical Site Evaluation: On-site enhancements are implemented to eliminate technical weaknesses that may be hampering visibility.

Step 6: Content Development: We create optimized articles, press releases, blog postings, and other types of content that improve your website’s SEO profile and authoritativeness.

Step 7: Off Page SEO/ Link Building: Our team of link builders then builds relevant and compliant inbound links to increase your website’s domain authority, thereby boosting your overall rankings.
All links pass strict standards.

All throughout this process, you are provided a dedicated account project manager and a team of coders, content developers, and online marketing associates working together to achieve maximum results for your SEO campaign. You will be working with people who fully understand your business and are 100% committed to the success of your website. Expect full phone and email support, plus weekly updates on your campaign’s progress!

Plans to Suit Your Needs

Our team has provided search engine optimization solutions to over 5,000 small, medium, and large companies around the world! Whether you want to target 15 or 300 keywords, we can deliver. As a client, you enjoy transparent, results-oriented, and ethical SEO that keeps you ahead of your competition.

Plan 1 – 15 keywords
Plan 2 – 30 keywords
Plan 3 – 50 keywords
Plan 4 – 100 keywords
Plan 5 – 150 keywords
Plan 6 – 300 keywords

No matter which package you choose, you get:

✓ Keyword Analysis & Selection
✓ Competitive Analysis
✓ Benchmarking
✓ On Page Optimization
✓ Technical Site Evaluation
✓ Off Page Optimization (Link Building)
✓ Content Development
✓ Dedicated Account Managers
✓ Extensive Reporting
✓ Reliable Customer Support
✓ Longer Lasting Results
✓ Award-Winning SEO Agency

Contact us for more information on complete package inclusions and pricing.

How are we different from other SEO package service providers?

Our approach and attitude towards SEO services is vastly different from our competitors’ services. We look at the long-term opportunities that exist for both parties. Our SEO services are exemplary and consistent – an ongoing relationship.

All our package services are affordable and easy on your pocket. We are committed to help your online business accelerate towards growth and enhanced performances. In addition, we care about your need to take cost-effective decisions. This is why our prices are low and affordable.

With over two decades of work experience and services, we have gathered the right kind of expertise to help you optimize your online presence through our affordable packages and services.

Custom SEO

Do you have specific requirements that cannot be met by our SEO packages? Talk to us about it—we’ll be happy to propose a custom plan that ticks all the boxes.

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