Google Penalty Recovery

Is your website a casualty of a Google penalty? Are you still trying (and failing) to recover from Penguin or Panda? If you’re seeing a sudden drop in your organic traffic, then a Google algorithm update, a manual penalty, or an over-optimization filter might have hit your website. Talk to SEOValley™ today and explore the best recovery strategy.

We’ll Get Your Website Back on Top

Being slapped with a Google penalty does not have to mean the end of the world. It’s possible to regain your website’s organic traffic and revenues. By implementing the right cleanup strategy, SEOValley™ can reinstate your website to its former ranking positions and bring back your organic traffic.

How We Work

Our first step in the Google penalty recovery process is to diagnose and determine the type and severity of your penalty. We identify whether it is manual or algorithmic, and whether is stems from the Panda or Penguin update.

Google Panda Penalty Recovery

Google Panda is an algorithmic update that penalizes a website because of low quality and/or duplicate content. These penalties can affect the entire site or a few pages, virtually wiping out rankings and search traffic of your entire website. Released in 2011, Panda has since been embedded into the Google algorithm, so it now hits immediately upon the detection of duplicate content. You can literally lose rankings overnight.

To determine if your site is a Panda casualty, we’ll search for duplicate content. Our team can quickly find out if you have inadvertently copied content from other websites, or if other websites copied yours. We’ll then design a Google Panda recovery plan that involves replacing duplicates with original, high-quality articles. We can also extend thin pages, professionally edit existing text, and fix keyword stuffing issues.

Google Penguin Penalty Recovery

Released in 2012, the algorithmic penalty Google Penguin punishes websites for spammy backlinks that point to it. Links that don’t represent editorial endorsement from an actual person can now trigger a penalty. Penguin can also affect the site as a whole or a set of pages that are found to be in violation of Google’s quality guidelines.

Our first step in fixing a Penguin problem is to do a comprehensive links audit. We look for patterns of manipulation such as:

  • Keyword anchor texts that are over-optimized
  • Links from sites with low credibility
  • Comment spam links
  • Links embedded in spun articles that are submitted to in large volumes to article banks
  • Site-wide links in sidebars and footers
  • Links exchange
  • Links extensively embedded in design templates and widgets
  • Paid links

Our link auditing team analyzes and manually reviews all domains that link to you to determine which ones have caused the penalty. We determine toxicity by assessing the quality of the domain and its links.

Once we have a definitive list of toxic links, we then proceed to link removal and disavow. This lengthy process involves the submission of Disavow.txt files (via Google Webmaster tools), communicating with webmasters in question about removal of links, and continuously documenting successful removals.

The Google algorithm is a dynamic, ever-changing piece of work that keeps tailoring the crawler to monitor sites accordingly. So, SEO practice and services cannot be a one-time affair. Your website needs to be tweaked and updated to match up with the revised algorithm.

Since SEOValley™ is one of the oldest players in the SEO domain, we understand Google Penalty issues,  how to circumvent them and get into the recovery mode with speed and effectiveness. We understand the unnecessary features that to be removed from your site for optimization. The end objective is to get your website back on the track and back on the top of the Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

With SEOValley™ professional SEO services, it will just be a matter of time that your website claims back its top position on Google SERP; after a thorough removal of unwanted website aspects.

Besides the age-old Panda and Penguin Penalty Recovery solutions, we offer you recovery from the latest Google algorithm updates and penalty. The latest update from Google is the 2020 Core Update announced on 13 January 2020. The Core update happened last in September 2019 with the indication that the January update is bigger than the previous one. Core updates are linked to significant changes in search algorithms. The net effect on this core update, as per Google, is to have the content of your website reviewed and crosschecked, especially if your site registers a drop in its ranking.

The quality of content needs to be nothing less than the best and the search engine will reward any site that displays superior content. Any site that offers otherwise automatically attracts penalty by removal from the rankings. As per the new update, your site content needs to be updated and refreshed on the following aspects:

  • Quality of the content – This refers to the on-page optimization issues like headers, descriptions, plagiarism and more.
  • Expertise – The source of information, how well the content has been researched, are the sources trustworthy or not, are there any factual errors or not, and is the content dependable in context of the user’s money and his life.
  • Presentation – The grammatical, spelling and stylizing related aspects
  • Comparative– This aspect will compare your site’s content with other similar pages to understand if the content is genuinely of any interest to the visitor who has conducted the search.

Every aspect needs a thorough check-up for recovery and to ensure that your site does not face penalty and removal from previous rankings – starting from description, headings, page titles, to source of information; the content needs to be well-trusted and authoritative. Our SEO experts will investigate the content on your site every possible angle and meticulously to drive the perfect recovery plan. A proper strategy will be determined and designed to recover from the Google Penalty by cleaning up the lackadaisical features of the site in the process. We will review Google’s Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness or E-A-T guidelines and have your site aligned with the same intrinsically.

Continuing services

SEO is a continuous chapter in the life of a website. Search engines like Google will keep updating their algorithm to offer better and better search experience to the user. You need to ensure that you have a trustworthy partner like SEOValley™ that offers optimized services as a one-stop solution provider.

Protecting Your Website for the Long Haul

SEOValley™ won’t stop the moment your website recovers. We can also provide post-recovery analysis to ensure that you don’t become a victim of subsequent algorithm hits. You can trust is to keep the mighty Penguin, Panda, and the entire Google zoo at bay.

Let our Google penalty recovery experts bring back your traffic!

Life doesn’t always give second chances—but luckily, Google does. Regain your previous standing with the right combination of strategies. Contact us today for more information on our Google penalty recovery service.

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