PPC (Paid Marketing)

If you think you can do PPC alone? Ponder again. Thousands of businesses have wasted serious money on PPC campaigns that fail to bring in customers. If you don’t actually know what you’re doing, you might overbid and overpay for ads that don’t attract your target audience.

Pay-per-click marketing certainly has the power to deliver instant traffic to compliment your existing digital marketing strategies. But in order to reap its benefits, you have to do it right. SEOValley™ can help!

Pay Per Click marketing or PPC is a type of advertising or paid marketing that is expensive and often out of bounds of local, small and medium scale businesses; if only for a small difference. The difference lies in the fact that under PPC management and marketing method, brands or advertisers are charged only when a click happens on the ad link.

PPC is an inorganic way of diverting online traffic onto your site – it is paid marketing where you pay or buy visits. But, with the fact that the entire PPC marketing management model is so flexible, it has become one of the most cost-effective ways to get leads and traffic online.

An interesting statistic from Google points out that for every $1 that brands spend on Google Adwords, they are able to earn at least $2 in return. PPC ads or paid marketing is the top reason behind conversions on-page. When compared with organic marketing methods like SEO for increasing sales, PPC is at least 50% more effective in conversions.

The reason why PPC management is the way to promote your brand and products is that it is one of most cost-effective marketing ways online. With expert PPC agencies such as SEOValley™, you can plan your PPC campaigns in a way that you start with a smaller plan, observe, watch responses and then go full throttle with PPC ads. If you find that this form of marketing is helping your brand get traction and impressions, you can keep increasing the budget on an ongoing basis for paid marketing.

The other good thing about PPC is that is measurable. A digital marketing agency like ours will help you understand with precision the kind of clicks your PPC link gets, how many users visit your site through this form of marketing, and how many actually buy the product and become your customers through paid marketing.


Paid advertising has reached new levels recently with the introduction of innovative features such as product images, consumer ratings, map information, and the likes. Because of these upgrades, PPC now involves more than just brainstorming over simple keywords and strategically bidding.

You can trust SEOValley™ to use a comprehensive and scientific approach to generate maximum ROI from your PPC campaign. We test keywords, marketplace verticals, and business models to develop a strategy that is backed by facts, not assumptions.:


  • Drive traffic through paid search
  • Reduce search engine marketing costs and CPC
  • Dominate search pages
  • Drive leads and/or sales
  • Achieve synergies between your paid search and natural (organic) search programs

Whether you need to start a campaign from scratch or want to overhaul your existing pay-per-click campaign, we are here to deliver. Our PPC services include:

  • Reporting
  • Copy creation
  • UTM tracking for Adcenter campaigns
  • Paid Search audit
  • Competitive analysis
  • Keyword research and development
  • Google Analytics tags
  • Trafficking
  • Bid management
  • Site selection for Google content network
  • Manual placement
  • Campaign structure
  • Landing page selection
  • Conversion tracking set-up

What does PPC entail?

Google Shopping, Facebook Ads, Google Ads management and Google Ads Remarketing are not mere terms. They are the platforms that give meaning to your PPC campaigns. If you are not too aware of these platforms, you must hire a proficient PPC management agency such as SEOValley™ for best results. A digital marketing company will be responsible for designing an effective and optimized paid marketing campaign for your brand.

Typically, organic marketing tools like SEO take time and patience to start showing results. On the other hand, PPC ads and paid marketing work fast – a research points out that PPC ads can put your website on the first page against specific keywords or search terms within a day!

For example, with Facebook Ads, you have the flexibility to choose different demographics to define your target market, while with Google Ads management you can link keywords with your ads and every time there is a search using those specific keywords, your ads will display on the search result page.

SEOValley™ – your PPC agency – works as your partner. We have been associated with the digital world for more than two decades now. As a premier digital company, our expertise lies in organic tools and paid marketing methods to garner highest traffic to our clients’ websites. We have worked as an online agency providing end-to-end solution to our clients. Thereby, we ensure, as your PPC agency that we design efficient PPC campaigns for your brand. We help you with tracking and measuring the results, fine-tuning the campaign to optimize it and working on the landing pages of your ads to encourage enhanced and faster conversions.

As your trusted marketing agency, we work hand-in-hand with your team to ensure that your website optimization happens not only through best SEO practices, but also through PPC optimization, as this is the fastest method online to get traffic to your site.

We also use paid marketing campaigns to design and create remarketing and retargeting strategies. Google Ads remarketing is one such platform to retarget customers who visited your site at some time in the past but did not make any purchase. Our developers build codes into Facebook Ads and Google Adwords to track such customers who showed inclination in a company’s products but did not convert.

With SEOValley™ as your PPC agency, your PPC marketing campaigns will be designed with your company bottom-line goals in mind. Our well-planned campaigns will:

  • Help your company website obtain new and targeted leads from online platforms including Google, along with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and more
  • Help your online presence get faster and instantly connect with your target market
  • Work in conjunction with your organic campaigns to build your own keyword dominance in the online world
  • Work in conjunction with local SEO techniques to achieve instant and enhanced sales for your company
  • Strengthen other campaigns like your company email marketing, mobile marketing, keyword optimization and more

With our expertise in paid marketing and PPC campaigns, our clients have been able to not only increase their revenues, but also enhance their brand visibilities in an otherwise cramped and competitive market. We create PPC campaigns that entice your target audience to visit your landing pages, and finally make a purchase.

With SEOValley™, PPC management turns out to be a fruitful marketing weapon in your hands to boost visibility, sales and revenues.


SEOValley™ is committed to ensuring that your investment in PPC never goes to waste. We use proven methodologies that ensure a cost effective and strategic campaign. For example, we find long-tail, low-volume keywords that are cheaper to advertise on but still provide high ROI. These keywords can be used to hedge against the expensive high-volume keywords, thereby significantly lowering your average cost-per-click across the entire campaign. Results -, you reach (and exceed) your targets while staying within budget.


SEOValley™ shared detailed monthly reports on your PPC campaign’s success, so you know exactly how you’re faring out. Feel free to call your project manager any time to ask about your campaign’s progress, direction, or for any questions you may have.

Ready to make your website shine? Contact us today to find out how to use PPC to boost clicks and conversion.

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