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Be found by your local customers!

SEOValley™ can get your business on the map. We make sure that your local customers find YOU, not your competition.

We utilize proven strategies to submit and regularly update your business and geographic information so that your website is easily found on major search engines and online directories. Our formula has helped hundreds of businesses achieve the highest possible position in the local map results. SEOValley’s™ local marketing expertise and powerful technologies can help you turn the internet into a direct connection to local buyers!

Local SEO is More Important Than Ever

Google’s launch of its proximity-based search technologies has changed the SEO game. The search engine giant can now detect a user’s location and returns local search results based on that geographic data. So, when someone in Chicago downtown searches for an ‘Mexican restaurant,’ for example, Google presents that person with a list of choices nearby. The restaurant that is best optimized for local search will appear on top of the list—and will likely get more customers than the rest.

How does your website rank locally for your niche?

Local SEO ensures that your website makes it to the top of the heap and gets maximum attention. Without it, you are essentially invisible—and your competitors are getting all the customers.

In order to understand the value of local SEO and significance of ranking high on the top result page, it is important to look the facts mentioned below:

  • Google reports that almost 46% of searches through its search engine have a local intent.
  • Words such as ‘Near Me’ are more relevant today as local searches around these two words have multiplied by almost 500% in the past few years.
  • SEO stats reveal that as much as 80% of local searches materialize and convert.
  • Almost 50% online visitors, searching online for a local business, service provider will visit a brick-and-mortar store within a day of their search; provided the business is ranked up to the fifth position.

This effectively means is that if your brand is high on a result page, there are very high chances that a customer looking for a relevant business like yours will get in touch to know more. If the local search is done using a smartphone, there are even more chances that the online user will visit your business in the next 24 hours. This is because 76% smartphone users, who look up local businesses have been found to visit the top results within a day.

How can optimizing your website for local SEO and marketing services help?

  • Continuous marketing: Your company will be a trendsetter in the market for use of new-age technology and means like local SEO services to attract customers. It is a different story for our clients, though. Being one of the top-ranked SEO and digital marketing agencies, we orient our services towards educating our clients on ongoing basis to help them realize the potential of such online marketing tools.
  • Additional leads: Local optimization of your website helps you get more leads and probable customers who can be engaged meaningfully to grow your business. As a leading marketing agency, our services are focused on use of optimized methods, techniques and technology to push your website to the top of result pages.
  • Brand visibility: When your site gets a higher rank on the result page, your brand gets traction and visibility at less than half the prices of what you would had spent on conventional advertising and marketing. We, at SEOValley™, offer professional services to strengthen your brand identity and awareness in the virtual world.
  • Better user experience: Within the gamut of our services, our experienced team of developers, coders and designers will design and develop a website for your local business that is interactive and user-friendly, thereby offering a smoother and faster browsing experience. Our strategy works around designing, developing and marketing – uncluttered, attractively formatted and structured website that increases leads and enhances opportunities for lead conversion.

Why do you need the services of a digital marketing agency?

We understand and appreciate the fact that business owners have to wear many hats for the sake of their business. They also need to pay attention to their work-life balance. This is exactly why we advise our clients to let us handle the job of search engines and result pages as a proficient digital marketing agency.

SEOValley™ is a reputed and leading online marketing agency that provides specialized local SEO services. We have been involved with SEO, be it the conventional search engine optimization techniques, mobile SEO services, local search engine optimization services or the new vocal SEO services.

Our expertise and in-house talent offer realistic and result-oriented services that makes us the best in our class. However, don’t just take our word for it. The ranking of our own site is a testimony of our commitment to best practices and ethical intent. We always recommend our clients to scan through our rankings prior to meeting our SEO experts.

Search engines algorithms are updated on a regular basis and you need to be on top of all the information and updates to be able to tweak your website accordingly to not lose higher ranks on the result page. As we have been a part of the industry for 10+ years, we are always abreast with the latest in SEO practices, techniques and service points. This way your site is always aligned with the recent changes and updates.

To optimize your website for local SEO, our services as an online marketing agency are characterized by precision, relevance, understanding of competition, industry trends, market insight and use of latest technological tools to offer you superlative services. With us as your SEO agency, your business will accelerate towards growth with optimized local search engine marketing strategies.

Get a Dedicated Local Search Expert

Armed with data about your industry and many years of experience in local search optimization, SEOValley™ has what it takes to boost your rankings, ultimately helping you drive up sales and build customer loyalty.

Our local SEO service is inclusive of everything needed to get you to the top and stay there:

  • Google Map (Places) listing
  • Yahoo/Bing local listing
  • Geographic keyword research
  • Optimization of map listings
  • Competitive research and link assessment
  • Optimization of map listings
  • Building inbound Links (From Local/City Websites)
  • Increasing Google reviews and ratings
  • Selection of listing category
  • Citation building (Accumulation of lists of top citation directories for various countries and business niches, such as InfoPages, Super Pages, Yellow Pages, Local Directories, etc.)
  • Fixing issues such as Duplicate Listings, Merged Listings, Suspended Listings, etc.
  • Boosting brand awareness with videos, photos, and more

SEOValley™ goes beyond just planning a local optimization strategy. We also take care of developing content, profiles, and keywords, as well as monitoring performance and regularly updating your listing. We proactively optimize your website for local search on an ongoing basis to get results and retain your top ranking.

For more information on our Local SEO Services, Contact us today.

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