SEO Process

There’s no such thing as ‘one-size-fits-all’ SEO formula. A good process is what differentiates good and wrong strategy. SEOValley™ has invested several years of experience in defining the most result oriented SEO process to truly and efficiently improve your website’s organic visibility.

Technical Website Evaluation or Audit

Why is your website being left behind your competition? We will identify and fix technical issues that are hindering it from its reaching full ranking potential, including duplicate content, bad URL scheme, bad site architecture, hidden texts, slow download time, and many more. Our goal is to clean up your website in order to dramatically improve its overall search engine friendliness. During this audit, we also analyze your competitors’ search presence to understand the likelihood as well as the timeframes required to achieve better rankings.

Keyword Research and Analysis

It all begins with keywords. Identifying and targeting the “right” keywords is crucial to your campaign’s success, as it brings in the “right” kinds of visitors. This is why SEOValley™ spends a lot of time determining the best search words or phrases that could improve your website’s conversion.

What keywords should your website rank well for in order to boost sales or inquiries? Answering this question is our priority and is the center point of our game plan. We consider estimated search volumes, intent, and competitiveness of the most relevant words and phrases. We then use a proprietary formula to estimate traffic and revenue potentials for those keywords to see which ones are worth chasing.

On-Page SEO Optimization

The SEOValley™ team spends many hours optimizing on-page elements of your website including Meta tags, page content, navigation, breadcrumbs, header and footers, etc. Developing of a search engine friendly site structure and carefully planning keyword density, placement, and prominence are significant components of increasing your website’s visibility in the search engines.

Content Development & Marketing

In this age of information, content is king (and it will always be). We work with you to develop strong, high-quality content that is written for your audience but is friendly to search engine spiders as well. Our SEO consultants and content writers work together to develop informative and useful articles, press releases, and blog postings that naturally generate more backlinks to your website.

Off Page SEO/ Link Building

Our team can build comprehensive off page SEO or link building campaigns to increase the number AND quality of inbound links that point to your website, thereby improving its domain authority. We also perform an extensive links audit to understand your site’s backlinks profile and identify & remove any low-quality link found. We also generate detailed reports presenting all our link building efforts in a clear and easy to understand manner.

Local SEO Strategies

Do you want to target customers who live within a certain vicinity? SEOValley™ provides local SEO services to improve your website’s rankings for geo-targeted keywords within your city, state, or county. As a part of this service, we will work on building citations, reviews, and optimization of Google listings, etc. with the goal of getting your website on the first page of local SERPs and on map results.

Social Engagement

Social media and SEO go hand in hand in helping your website and your brand achieve relevance. Search engine algorithms now use social signals as an indicator of worthiness. We make social media and SEO work in sync to put your brand in front of more potential customers. Increasing your presence on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms is part of our SEO process.

Ecommerce SEO Strategies

SEOValley™ has years of experience in popular ecommerce platforms and shopping carts including Magneto, Mambo, X-cart, Joomla, and Yahoo Shopping. We can assess the weaknesses and opportunities of your online store, and then pinpoint ideal ecommerce SEO strategies to help you gain higher visibility on search engines.

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