Google Shopping

Put your products in front of customers who are actively looking for them
Provide vital information for shoppers who are making purchase decisions
Drive qualified traffic into your store

By combining thoughtful data analysis and intelligent item ID bidding, SEOValley™ can optimize your Google Shopping campaign to improve its ROI. Our strategic approach has helped local stores and international e-commerce retailers alike.

Advanced Strategies

We use proprietary strategies to maximize your visibility and control search results, keeping your business ahead of the curve. We can enhance your product feed data so that it sends the right signals to Google. After all, high quality data is the foundation of an effective Google Shopping campaign infrastructure.

Human Touch

Every decision and enhancement on your Google Shopping campaign is made by humans—not codes. And if you want to discuss your campaign, you’ll talk to a person, not an answering machine.

Data-Driven Approach

SEOValley™ makes your Google Shopping traffic profitable by utilizing actual margin data to guide campaign optimization. We look at the entire picture and optimize every element of your customers’ journey.

Selective Keyword Bidding

We can isolate your best-performing search keywords and strategically outbid the competition using unique campaign structures.

Mobile Readiness

With mobile product search rapidly evolving, you can’t afford to get left behind. Let SEOValley™ create custom-tailored Google Shopping strategies to maximize your campaign’s performance across devices.

Active Management

Your Google Shopping advertising campaigns are monitored and managed daily using holistic methodologies designed for maximum profitability. We also proactively protect you from disapprovals and feed errors.

Whether you’re a small business, a big box retailer, or a mega store, SEOValley™ can build and manage your Google Shopping campaign. And if you already have one in place, we can improve it with optimization strategies that drastically boost revenue and profitability. Ready to start? Contact us for an initial consultation.

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