Analytics & Tracking Service

Proper tracking is essential to meet goals.

This is why analytics is one of the most powerful internet marketing tools today.

SEOValley™ uses the best web analytics technologies and methods to equip you with the intelligence you need to streamline and improve your online marketing efforts. Our goal is to give you intelligent and actionable insights by answering questions such as:

How much traffic is coming into your website?
How does that traffic get there?
What do people do once they’re on your pages?
What keywords bring in the most traffic and maximum conversions?
What is your ROI for PPC and for organic optimization?
Which of your campaigns perform well? Which ones don’t?

and many such queries.

Anchored by our highly-experienced Google Analytics certified experts, SEOValley™ can collect, examine, and interpret, data from the best tools available, and then refine your internet marketing strategies to ensure that you’re getting the most of your budget!

The SEOValley™ Difference

SEOValley™ combines rigorous analytics with marketing savvy. We go beyond just generating data; we also turn that information into insight that can help you increase profits and unlock your website’s full potential. Let our team make sense of your website data and assist you in enhancing user experiences while refocusing your efforts on your most productive online marketing strategies. With more than a decade of experience in practical analytics and tracking, we can help you:

  • Define and measure key performance indicators and online marketing metrics
  • Quantify and manage the progress of your campaigns
  • Understand why and how users engage with your content
  • Plug any leaks that rob you of sales leads and actual sales
  • Test and optimize your critical conversion paths
  • Create user experiences that match visitor expectations to increase the average depth and length of visit
  • Add value to your existing SEO and SEM campaigns
  • Identify opportunities for dominating your niche online and serving your market better

SEOValley™ closes the gap between data and marketing to convert information into higher margins, improved revenue, and fatter profits. With our analytics and tracking services, you can eliminate underperforming campaigns and focus on those that generate the most ROI.

For more information on SEOValley’s™ analytics and tracking services, Contact us today!

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