Facebook Ads

Get more customers from your Facebook Ads—with less work.

Leave your Facebook Ad campaign in the hands of SEOValley’s™ online marketing experts. We can manage every detail of your Facebook advertising program—from initial setup to regular monitoring. Our team can also make necessary adjustments based on the performance of the campaign, ensuring that you get the maximum number of leads for the lowest price.

We’ll connect you to people who matter most.

Facebook currently has 1.4 billion active users, but not all of them are interested in your product or service. It would be a waste of money to advertise to people who won’t convert. SEOValley™ ensures that your Facebook Ad campaign truly positions your brand directly in front the specific cross sections of users that are likely to buy your products based factors such as their age, location, gender, income, workplace, education, interests, and more.

SEOValley’s™ Facebook advertising services include:

  • Audience targeting
  • Call tracking
  • Creation of advertising copy and images
  • Multiple advert setup
  • Regular monitoring and maintenance for optimum ROI
  • Regular performance reports

We can help you optimize multiple Facebook advertising formats, including:

  • Website conversions – Do you want your ad to prompt users to visit your website? This ad type is very useful for such a goal. SEOValley™ can optimize your ad with a strong call-to-action. We’ll urge people to do what you want them to do on your website—whether that’s buying a product or signing up for a newsletter.
  • Post engagement – SEOValley™ can use this ad type for boosting posts on your Facebook timeline, such as your status messages, videos, photos, website links, or special offers. This is perfect for marketing company announcements, new blog posts, and photos or videos of your work.
  • Offers – We can help entice customers to visit your brick and mortar stores or your e-commerce website with redeemable offers and promotional codes.
  • Event responses – Are you having an event such as a private sale, seminar, workshop, open house, etc.? SEOValley™ can design a Facebook Event ad that allows you to invite your targeted demographic and inspire them to attend.

Talk to SEOValley™ today and start making money on Facebook Ads.

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