How to Optimize Multi Location Pages for Local SEO

Local optimization is challenging because the scope of being found on a particular region is narrow, on search engines. The test is fierce when you are trying to optimize for a company with multiple locations. Generating local SEO for multi-location business is more difficult than ordinary SEO. It only requires more organized way of planning based on the geographic priorities and business goals of the company. The following are simple ways to improve local optimization for your multi-location business:

  • Do a location-based SEO audit – The best way to start rehashing your local SEO approach is to know your position in your campaign. A basic location based SEO audit will allow you to determine which locations have the most room for improvements.
  • Determine geographical priorities –Ideally, you want to rank well for each of your locations, but if your resources and time are limited, it is important that you prioritize your efforts. The best way to do this is to determine the demand for your products and services in each of your locations. You can use Google’s Keyword planner to determine keyword competition and demand in your target locations.
  • Create a unique page for each location – One of the most important elements of local SEO success is having a unique page for each business location. If you have 10 different locations in 10 different cities, each individual location must have its own page on the website and must be uniquely created and optimized to rank for the services it offers and the location it serves. Ideally, your business locations must have their own location-specific social media account, a background information about the location, employee names/contact persons, and location-specific promotions.
  • Create a unique profile on Google Places for each of your locations – Complete separate profiles for each business location on Google Places for Business to increase your local rankings.