Plutocracy of Webmaster Tool

Do you have stethoscope for your website? Do you have barometer for your website? Do you have clinical aids for your website? You have any scanning devices for your website? Don’t worry I am not a physician or any psychologist, just an SEO guy trying to propagate some of the key diagnostic features of the physicians, I mean physician of the websites, second to none – Webmaster Tool.

Genuinely speaking Google webmaster tools is not so esoteric these days! Also, it is not just another free to use tool available on the web. It has some astounding features that can make your website uncontaminated and utilize search queries, reduce duplicate content, and maximize the flow of link juice. By signing in to Google Webmaster tools you get access to numerous significant features offered by it including your site’s impression, clicks, inbound links, crawling errors etc.

You get to know in what way the Googlebot crawls your website and what are the obstacles that are coming its way. With webmaster tools you can also uncover the duplicate content present on your website. It also gives you the crawl error that Googlebot has discovered in your website. It might contain some 404 not found URL’s that are seriously harmful for your website. It also shows the hierarchy of your internal linking through your website.

So you can find your important pages and decide the best pattern of internal linking that you need. It also features a “Fetch as Googlebot” tool, which shows how the Googlebot is crawling your webpage. Just below it shows “Site Performance” by going to which you can observe the load time of each of the page present on your website.

SEO services provider knows all these vital theosophical fabrics of Google and help to know other facets too. Jesus, so much to tell but time to have a sip of my coffee. Actually, I am not calling upon the dusty manuscripts; this is just to disentangle the dusky labyrinths about the plutocracy of Webmaster Tool.