5 Fatal SEO Misconceptions That Still Exist in 2016

Many business owners make the mistake of ignoring SEO and putting all their eggs in social media promotions. They are looking for a quicker way to boost traffic, increase ROI, and enhance conversion rates without much regard for long-term viability.
5 fatal seo misconceptions that still exist in 2016

What they don’t realize is that even though pad adds and social media marketing can offer quick traffic generation, SEO is still the backbone of an enduring online presence. Search engine optimization is more beneficial to entrepreneurs now more than ever, but there are misconceptions that prevent even the most discerning business owners from getting started on an SEO campaign. Here are five fatal misconceptions about SEO that still persist to this day:

1. SEO is pointless.

Are you aware that 44 percent of your customers are likely to use a search engine when they are looking for your product or service? Search ranks fourth in top internet activities in the US, too. Hence, it still makes sense to have an SEO program that can contribute to your traffic conversion efforts. SEO may not seem to work because it takes a bit of time before actual results can be seen, but once it does, you can count on it to optimize your site for the long haul.

Here’s a fact: SEO traffic converts. People who find your website through Google and other search engines are more likely to become actual paying customers. A report reveals that 57 percent of B2B marketers found SEO to be the most crucial factor when generating leads. Another report reveals that searches generate leads that are eight times more likely to convert compared to outbound leads. Moreover, research shows that users are likely to ignore paid ad listings and prefer organic results instead.

2. A brick and mortar business does not need SEO.

If you think that running a business the traditional way eliminates your need for SEO, think again. Most consumers turn to online reviews before they even visit your establishment. Without SEO, you could be losing your chance to show what you can offer to someone who is looking for your products and services online.

According to a report, 86 percent of Americans used the internet everyday last year, and that 93 percent of their online experiences started with a search engine. Even if you think that only a small percentage of those users would be interested in your business, that number can already make a huge difference in your overall sales. You could miss out on an opportunity to gain new customers and grow your business without proper online promotion. Worse, your competition could be getting all those new customers.

3. SEO is expensive.

Search engine optimization is a job that must be left to the experts because it encompasses many complex activities, such as (1) researching market and sales trends and your industry, (2) conducting competitive research, (3) optimizing the site, (4) finding keyword terms that can deliver high traffic, (5) link building, and (6) monitoring the results of the SEO campaign. Every activity will demand a lot of your time and effort—and omitting one or more processes will result in an unsuccessful campaign. Hence, it makes sense to hire a seasoned SEO company who can do all these things for you so you can focus on running your business.

While you need to pay for an SEO expert to do these tasks, remember that high-quality SEO brings in sales for the long-term, so it will continue to positively impact your bottom line even after you have ended your contact with the SEO company. When you think about it, SEO is more cost-effective in the long run compared to pay-per-click and paid online advertising campaigns.

4. Keyword stuffing and buying links will boost SEO

Gone are the days when you can fool search engines. Google’s algorithms have made search smarter than it has ever been. Hence, if you buy links, Google will eventually find out—and your strategy can backfire. Remember that search engines are continuously improving and becoming more sophisticated, so anyone practicing black hat SEO techniques like buying links should beware.

Keyword stuffing is another no-no. It occurs when the same post repeats the same keyword far too many times in a poor attempt to rank better for that keyword. The problem with this is that it makes your content look unnatural and annoying, so readers are likely to ignore it. Google pays attention to keyword density, and if it finds your content to be unnatural, unreadable, and stuffed with keywords, it may penalize you.

5. SEO simply takes too long. PPC is better.

There is no denying that PPC does provide instant results. It can direct more visitors to your website as soon as your PPC campaign goes live. However, keep in mind that PPC can be expensive in the long run because you have to keep paying each time someone clicks your advertisement. Your cost-per-click may also increase due to the bidding system—if you want to keep your ads on top, you need to outbid your competitors.

SEO is not only cheaper than PPC but also much more credible. The average consumer is more likely to click on an organic ad than a paid listing. SEO brings in organic results that will not require you to continuously pay for anything, so you essentially get free traffic.

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