How SEO Now Goes Way beyond On-Site Optimization and Link Building

Search engine optimization is basically the process of making your site friendly and more accessible to search engines, thus helping them see your relevance in actual searches. Successful SEO, therefore, gives you better visibility and in turn better chances of connecting with consumers. The last three to five years have seen great changes in the SEO marketing landscape due in large part to the different algorithmic updates Google has introduced. There is a huge scope that the old-school processes that you implement on your website are no longer relevant today, especially with much of search engine standards being reshaped by these updates.

Link-building and on-site optimization may have once ruled search engine optimization, but SEO rankings are no longer just based on website elements like links and on-page developments. Today, SEO rankings are based on a combination of many factors, ranging from authentic, relevant, and shareable content to user-friendly instead of merely search-engine friendly web design, and many other rank-boosting factors. These however, can’t ever discount the importance of basic on-page optimization and other old-school SEO best practices that are still applicable today, like optimizing basic page attributes such as titles and descriptions and creating fast-loading, navigable pages.

Search engine optimization may seem like a complex process, but it can be summarized by simple steps that create major impact to the entire strategy, including research and analysis, identification of keyword opportunities, on-site coding and implementation, copywriting, speed and site performance testing, marketing and link building, and rankings reporting and tracking. Optimization is also a cyclic process that goes on and on and must follow the trends of the times, especially with the changing nature of searches. Search engines are constantly looking to enhance user experience by providing them with relevant search results and indices. It is for this reason that website owners should always be on the lookout for brand new strategies that matches these enhancements.