Keyword Popularity Analysis

Keyword Popularity and Density Analysis Attracts Targeted Traffic!

Keywords, they are the key to your website’s search engine optimization success. Naturally, keyword popularity analysis is essential to any experienced search engine marketing professional’s comprehensive Internet marketing strategy. A customer-oriented research, keyword popularity analysis identifies words or phrases that are generally used by your potential business customers for product or services in their search engine queries. However, targeting the right keywords is critical. Because if you don’t target the right keyword and phrases, then even the highest ranks on search engine results cannot help you attract qualified traffic.

SEOValley’s™ team of search engine optimization experts undertakes a thorough keyword research and keyword analysis to determine what keyword combinations have the highest popularity to attract your existing and new clients. Our effective keyword analysis provides you with an ideal start for a successful SEO and varied Internet marketing campaigns like Pay Per Click, Link Popularity and others.

SEOValley’s™ Keyword Popularity and Density Analysis

Our search engine promotion team will search and analyze the keywords/ keyword phrases that your existing customers and competition query in search engines. You only decide which keywords best suit your business in terms of popularity and relevancy. SEOValley’s™ website promotion professionals research for your keyword and key phrases and deliver their recommendations based on the following three factors:

  • Competitiveness of suggested keyword and phrases
  • Keyword Popularity of suggested keyword and phrases
  • Relevancy of suggested keyword and phrases

Based on the keyword popularity, our website promotion experts suggest changes in your website content to attract quality traffic.

Keyword density analysis studies the ratio of a keyword or key phrases to the total number of words on that web page. Keyword density is crucial in ensuring the success or failure of your website search engine ranking. Web pages that have a keyword or key phrase density optimized to a certain level by search engine experts have the potential to attain a top rank in search engines. This certainly does not mean that to improve keywords density you just repeating your keywords and phrases throughout a web page. Search engines penalize such practices. Search engine algorithms are intelligent enough to decipher logically constructed web content and Spam content.

SEOValley™ has some suggestions to help you improve your search engine rankings by optimizing your keyword density.

Use a good Search Term Suggestion Tool (powered by Overture) to research your keywords. This will enable you to devise a keyword density analysis based on – how many times your preferred keyword or keyword phrase is searched for each month.

Weave these keywords / phrases in to your Meta tags, web page content in a way that search engine and user friendly. The content should be at least 500 words, logically constructed with optimum use relevant keywords in each section.

Finally, search engines love regularly updated web pages, so always endeavor to add new products/services, update users with new information and tools.

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