Why It’s Important for PPC and SEO to Work in Harmony

Almost all business owners who have ventured to start their digital campaigns ask whether they should pursue PPC advertising or search engine optimization or if they should implement both. Some may argue that one or the other might be a waste of time if they already have a strong and working campaign, as both often target the same keyword sets. Others feel that they shouldn’t be paying (via PPC) for organic traffic established through SEO.

PPC and SEO to Work in Harmony

Every online marketing strategy has its pros and cons, which only means that the advantages that one practice has can potentially cover for the disadvantages of the other.  This said, it is safe to say that the subtle differences between the tactics and techniques used in PPC and SEO campaigns can complement the strengths and shortcomings of the other. However, online marketers are still divided when it comes to SEO and PPC integration, with some adamant in sticking to a single campaign at a given time, and others more open to PPC and SEO integration. Wherever you fall in this scale, the benefits of complementing SEO and PPC campaigns should not be ignored.

While SEO still rules traffic generation, (at least 70 to 80% of website traffic are generated through natural or organic search), there is no denying that the 20 to 30 percent that can come from paid listings is still a significant statistic that should be targeted through PPC efforts. This only shows that complementing your usual SEO strategies with PPC ads can help you produce even more tangible results, significantly increasing total clicks, page views, time on site, visitors, action, orders, and in turn, conversion rates, revenue, and profitability ,as you maximize your website’s traffic-generating potential. If you are skeptical about the cost of PPC, there are ways by which you can establish a more efficient PPC campaign with less expense, if you seek help from professional web marketers.