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Round the World (RTW) ticket is one ticket for all the stops around the world. is dedicated to business class RTW tickets or multi-stop international travel, on especially complex routes with up to 25 stops. Travelers get to enjoy the convenience of one ticket that would work for them throughout their travel instead of buying separate flight tickets from one destination to another. RTW tickets are a flexible and cheaper way of traveling the world.

The concept is based on the principle that a return ticket is cheaper than two one-way tickets. The team at has researched extensively on the costs and hassles involved while booking for a complex multi-stop itinerary. They provide economical, customized, and comprehensive RTW solutions, saving you the trouble of booking multiple costly one-way tickets from multiple sources and websites.


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STRATEGY faced tough competition from popular websites and even airlines alliances that have their own niche audience. required a comprehensive evaluation of the entire site to ensure that all the important “Business Class” related landing pages rank prominently on

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