South Korean Government SEO Campaigns


Upon selecting SEOValley™ as its digital marketing partner, South Korean Government helped launch SEO programs for 500+ sites. As a part of this program, the South Korean Government encouraged business owners to execute digital marketing campaigns with the aim to promote digitization, and increase B2B and B2C transaction over the web. The idea was that by being more visible in search engines, great businesses can reach their targeted customers who were searching for and looking to purchase best products and services on the internet.

Being selected South Korean Government’s exclusive SEO partner to provide services to leading public and private businesses, we at SEOValley™ were honoured and at the same time felt highly responsible to validate the trust imparted upon us.


Since these sites didn’t have any previous SEO or digital marketing done for them, the online success of these businesses were dependent solely on the results that SEOValley™ would generate. As these sites didn’t have existing value in organic search, each of them required a dedicated optimization strategy that would then make them rise in organic search rankings, eventually driving more business. Another challenge was that if any of the sites wouldn’t achieve already defined targets pertaining to both rankings & traffic within the first 6 months, the Government would no longer support them with additional benefits. Due to the sheer volume of sites included within the program, getting the strategy right for each one of them was difficult but highly essential.


Immediately after setting up the rankings & traffic targets, SEOValley™ team started the process at full-pace for all the sites. The keywords strategy followed for these sites included going after a well-considered mix of short-tail, mid-tail and long-tail terms, based on each given site’s ability to rank for them, target market, etc. We got started with a detailed audit to identify and fix technical issues, followed by recommending and implementing important SEO changes on the sites such as changes in META tags, URLs optimization, Breadcrumbs, optimization of the existing content or addition of fresh content, internal keyword hyperlink within the content to improve internal value flow from one page to another page etc., according to the finalized keywords. Our strategy was to improve the keyword positioning as well as to grow brand value for each of the sites which in turn would help in improving the traffic both from the related keywords as well as from the brand terms.

Most of the sites lacked a proper structure, thus we had to recommend completely new site architecture with an easy to use navigation for almost all of them. Once all the basic SEO setups were complete, our expert link building team started analyzing top competitors for each keyword to build trustworthy and authoritative do-follow links to all the important landing pages.



With our specialized SEO services and quality link building activities, we were able to push most important keywords to the first page within the first 3 months and 70-80% keywords achieved Top3 positions by the 5th month of starting the campaigns. With the progress in rankings, organic search traffic to the sites started increasing, and it was above the defined projections for most of the campaigns by the time we were in the 5th month. After achieving the initial targets, SEOValley™ helped these businesses define new business goals to continue with the growth.

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