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TDot Performance is now largest source of car performance parts in Canada. TDot Performance is proud to be Canadian, on a mission to provide Canadians with the highest quality performance parts without the headache that comes with ordering from the US. They provide Canadian automotive enthusiasts with the ability to purchase highest quality performance parts at the lowest prices and get them delivered at their doorstep, without having to worry about ordering from the US and paying the additional customs duties and brokerage fees.


TDot Performance has now partnered with best in class manufacturers and carry more than 250 brands across dozens of product categories. From appearing on CBC’s Dragon’s Den where it closed a deal on air with Michele Romanow to being named one of Canada’s fastest growing businesses in the Profit Hot 500, TDot Performance has huge plans to the future, keeping SEOValley’s™ organic search optimization strategy at the center of its marketing to fuel continuous progress.


The initial challenge was to build the site’s value for it to complete against competitors already well-placed in organic search results. In the initial research & analysis, SEOValley’s™ experts understood that the scope for the site to acquire search traffic was not limited to generic search terms for part type. There was immense opportunity for the site to rank for keywords with Brand and Make/Model/Year. However, the challenge with going after these segments was that brands’ & car manufacturers’ own sites were holding top positions for each keyword sets, respectively. During the research, it was also understood that people who were at an advanced stage of the purchase process were likely to use long-tail keywords in their search for the exact component they need for their vehicle, manufactured by a certain brand. While popularity for these individual long-tail keywords were limited, but they were apparently lucrative solely because users are more than likely to complete the product at this stage, if they find the right product.

If TDot Performance was to complete with other Canadian & US based retailers to establish a respectable search presence, it had to rank uniformly for each of these segments. The only problem was that the site’s original architecture didn’t have the landing pages required for promoting these different keyword segments.


Once the strategy and target was finalized, SEOValley’s™ worked with TDot Performance’s developers to create an architecture that gives the room for creating hundreds of landing pages for each section that may then be used for promoting the keyword sets finalized earlier. The new site structure not only had separate landing pages for Brands and Make/Model/Year keyword segments, SEOValley’s™ integrated a dynamic canonicalization rule to minimize duplicity in product pages, which is quite common in ecommerce sites. Through proper navigation, breadcrumb, and internal linking, SEOValley’s™ deliberately created a clear and logical path that will help users understand where they exactly are on the site. It also supports search engines in properly crawling and indexing pages present at the deepest level.

Once the plan for new sections was ready, the next step was to create an all-inclusive on-site optimization strategy with detailed recommendations for hundreds of thousands of category and product pages. Followed by high-quality link building for important landing pages, the strategy would lay the groundwork for TDot Performance to compete against other large ecommerce sites previously dominating search results

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In almost 2 years, traffic & revenue from organic search traffic to the site grew more than 10x.


The additional revenue generated from organic search gave TDot Performance the ability to invest in increasing product range and other marketing channels, thus helping the company grow exponentially.

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