How to Optimize a SaaS Product-Based Homepage

Do you have a website dedicated to your as SaaS product? Chances are, you’re not making full use of your home page for search engine optimization purposes.

And you’re not alone.

How to Optimize a SaaS Product-Based Homepage

For most SaaS brands, a home page is nothing more than a landing page for direct visits and branded queries. That’s because homepage SEO is particularly tricky for the SaaS industry.

But don’t let this stop you from unleashing the ranking power of your main page. There are a couple of solid ways to make it SEO ready. We will discuss those strategies in this blog.

The importance of homepage SEO

Your homepage is the primary landing page that welcomes visitors—which means that it makes a crucial first impression about your SaaS brand. It also holds a lot of information that can help potential clients decide if they want to try your product. For example, it describes what your company does, what value you provide, and what sets your product apart from other SaaS brands in the market. It likewise points visitors to other pages where they might find the information they need.

On top of this, the homepage serves as a landing page for most organic links. Any media mentions, links from guest posts, podcast appearances, digital PR, and links from SaaS directories are more likely to go straight to this page.

But many homepages are not optimized to rank for keywords apart from the company’s brand or business name. This is a big problem especially in the SaaS market, where most early-stage brands can’t rely on brand recognition to get noticed. Let’s face it: Unless you’re as big as HubSpot, Asana, or Drift, there’s probably not enough people searching Google for your name.

So what are your options if you are a relative new SaaS company struggling to get the word out in a competitive industry?

The answer is to use the right keywords.

Keyword optimization is a classic SEO strategy that may sound simple but can-do wonders for improving your rank.

Optimizing your SaaS homepage with keywords

It’s crucial that you focus on three types of keywords if you want to make the most of your homepage for SEO purposes.

1.Your brand

This is not to say that your sole focus should be your brand name, but it’s certainly important to optimize for it. Include the product name and your company name in your title tag, at a minimum.

2.Product category

The next step is to position your website’s homepage for product category phrases that have the potential to bring in relevant commercial traffic.

These phrases describe the primary category that defines your product best. Don’t confuse them with keywords that define the product’s functionality or attributes. Focus instead on general seed phrases that let users know what your product is.

Often, these are phrases you probably already use to describe your SaaS products to investors, clients, and stakeholders.Your sales team might also be using these phrases in their marketing materials, emails, and so on. Some examples include CMS, enterprise resource planning software, and the like.

Use these products category phrases as your primary keywords.Put them on every page including the meta tags, H1 tags, the introduction of the main content, in alt tags, etc.

3.Core offerings

Lastly, find a way to weave in keywords and phrases describing your product’s functionality and features.Then, link them to relevant landing pages.

Many experts agree that the best practice is to use these keywords in anchor texts.Doing this helps increase your homepage’s topical relevance while assisting visitors in finding information that’s relevant to them. It also strengthens the page authority of the landing pages you created, helping them rank for keywords that relate to your product’s functionality and features.


Think of your homepage as more than just a landing spot for direct visits and branded search queries. By understanding how it impacts your organic rankings for different kinds of queries, you can take advantage of the SEO opportunities it can provide.

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