Social Media Optimization should be a part of the SEO Services

Social media optimization is also known as social search engine optimization. The activities of SMO are undertaken with the intent to attract visitors to a website. It also makes a website search friendly. With social media optimization, the content of a website can easily be shared online. While the first phase of internet marketing is SEO services, the second phase is SMO services usually known as second level of online marketing and an important aspect of ebranding.

There are two groups in which social media optimization has been divided: the first one being the features that are added to the content of a website and the second one is promotion of content through promotional activities. The various ways of optimizing the content of a website for social media are RSS feeds, polling tools, images, videos, etc. The various ways of promoting the content are blogging, commenting on blogs, forum postings, social networking, etc.

The implementation of SMO services for the website can be made on various other sites rather than on search engines. But, it obviously leaves an impact on the search engine rankings. When a website is promoted using social media as well as SEO services, it definitely acquires better positions in the search engines.