Technical SEO Evaluation

SEO is not just about tweaking the content, the Meta tags and marketing but it is also very much about the technical SEO evaluation of the website to make sure the website is crawlable or indexable at the first place by the search engines.

Technical evaluation as a part of any professional SEO Services involves in-depth study and analysis of server and page design issues that may be negatively impacting the search engine rankings.

The major challenge is not in identifying such issues which search engines doesn’t like but more importantly it  is about the best solution which help fix the issue at hand and at the same time doesn’t impact the website’s look and feel or damage the website’s business.

It takes knowledge of all the programming languages, content management systems, server side technicalities, latest understanding of search engine’s ranking algorithm and experience of doing SEO for thousands of websites to recommend the best fix for the identified issue.

Some issues you would normally come across are –

  • Multiple domain names pointing to the same website.
  • Wrong redirection type from old to new URL.
  • Canonical URLs/ duplicate URLs.
  • Dynamic duplicate URLs.
  • Use of Session IDs
  • 404 pages
  • Use of frameset
  • Duplicate content

There are a lot of free and paid SEO tool available on the internet which can help find the most common technical issues on a site but to solve a more complex technical situation it is always recommend to scan and review the code manually.

More often than not one would find most common technical issues on a website doing a site search on Google or exploring through the Google Webmaster account. Technical SEO is an in-dispensable part of SEO services and should be considered a priority.