E-Learning Provider Builds Solid Google Rankings During Pandemic


Leaders of Evolution (LoE) is passionate about teaching, facilitation, leadership and high-performance sport experience in Australia and abroad since its founding year 2015.They have an extensive collection of e-learning services, including tailored Learning Management System (LMS), e-learning strategy, online course design and development as well as online e-commerce marketing, blended with years of expertise in designing and delivering technology-enhanced e-learning courses focused on leadership, social and emotional learning, career readiness and sports coaching for students, teachers, athletes, coaches and the wider community.


Their suite of courses currently engage 10,000+ students across 400+ schools all over the world with the future goal to connect with 100,000+ learners by 2025! 


Business success of LoEwas dependent solely on the results that SEOValley would generate. Firstly, the challenge was to work towards optimizing the site thoroughly for SEO purposes and in building links to earn higher Google rankings (links are a signal to Google that the site is a quality resource worthy of citation). Secondly, this site required a dedicated SEO strategy that would make it grow in organic search rankings, eventually driving more business. Third major challenge was to compete with the highly established competitors with established top position in organic rankings. SEOValley categorized the goals in three simpler ways mentioned below:

  • Secure top ranking on Google for all priority keywords.
  • Constantly review and adjust keywords targeting to generate maximum organic traffic on crucial landing pages.
  • Closely monitoring and tracking the improvements in rankings & traffic, to ensure this success actually helps drive more registrations.


Initially, SEOValleystarted this campaign with a site that had minimal SEO value and with almost no organic rankings. Keywords are accordingly finalized with major focus on the below mentioned key offering by LoE:

  • Future Skills of the Workforce
  • Young Leaders in Schools
  • Emerging Leaders in Sport

Upon a detailed review of top-ranking competitors, SEOValley provided recommendations for creating 150+ new landing pages which directly targeted the selected keywords. These were all content-rich landing pages, the content structure & drafts were prepared based on comprehensive competitive research and using SEO best practices.



With our specialized SEO services and quality link building activities, we managed to deliver impressive results within months. Below is the rankings & traffic growth achieved within the first year of the SEO campaign:

Ranking Growth (200 primary keywords):

March, 2020 March, 2021
# of keywords in Top10 1 65


Top Ranking Keywords:

# Keyword Baseline Ranking Latest Ranking
1 student athlete career development 78 1
2 school captain qualities 76 2
3 grip conference Not in Top100 2
4 leadership learning centre Not in Top100 2
5 emergent leaders in sport Not in Top100 2
6 student leadership 77 3
7 sports leaders Not in Top100 3
8 communication in sports Not in Top100 3
9 athletic leaders Not in Top100 3
10 character building programs Not in Top100 3
11 student leadership workshop Not in Top100 3
12 effective student leadership 17 3
13 student leadership resources 12 3
14 ncca leadership development Not in Top100 3
15 life skills class Not in Top100 5
16 team sportsmanship Not in Top100 5
17 teaching standards nsw Not in Top100 6
18 australian curriculum lessons Not in Top100 6
19 360 leadership Not in Top100 6
20 school leadership projects Not in Top100 6
21 abc grandstand Not in Top100 7
22 nesa students online Not in Top100 7
23 4cs Not in Top100 7
24 team captain Not in Top100 7
25 school leadership training Not in Top100 7
26 nesa teacher accreditation Not in Top100 8
27 leaguesafe course Not in Top100 8
28 life skills high school Not in Top100 8
29 student athlete development 37 8
30 teaching and learning cycle Not in Top100 9
31 nesa teaching standards Not in Top100 9
32 janisonelearning Not in Top100 9
33 life skills worksheets Not in Top100 9
34 school of leadership 41 9
35 job ready program Not in Top100 10
36 janison portal Not in Top100 10
37 types of coaching Not in Top100 10
38 evolution education program Not in Top100 10


Traffic Growth:

As a result of rankings progress, traffic grew even further:

The above growth is only from the first 12 months of the campaign, and this SEO campaign has only scratched the surface. There is immense opportunity for growth through Organic search and rankings & traffic are only going to go up from the current levels.