4 Tactics for Outstanding E-Commerce SEO

E-commerce sites are the lifeblood of many businesses, particularly those that operate solely online. Anyone planning to sell products or expand their services through the internet should know that a website is of little use if people don’t know about it. This is why one major goal of online marketing should be making sure that your target audiences can find you via the web.

Search engine optimization for e-commerce sites does not stray far from traditional SEO efforts. Here are some tactics you can adopt and follow to help popularize your site and create a stronger web presence for your business:

  • Invest on effective keywords.
    Search engines rely greatly on keywords to rank relevance. Finding the right keywords to build your campaign upon is critical to the success of your optimization efforts. Strategically placing well-researched keywords and phrases will improve the effectiveness of your website, in terms of attracting the right people into your doorsteps. Use keywords that are specific to your niche and take advantage of long-tail keywords to catch specific types of traffic that lead to higher conversion rates.
  • Ditch duplicate content.
    E-commerce sites are prone to duplicate content due to carrying products that are essentially the same. Be careful when formulating product descriptions so as to avoid redundancy. Make sure that all content is original and not similar sounding because duplicate content can send your rankings down. Just the same, don’t forget to write catchy descriptions that will make already captured audiences want to take action.
  • Optimize product images.
    In addition to using good quality photographs, make it a habit to optimize images by making them easier for search bots to see and understand. This can be done by adding proper and unique ALT tags, associated with the product/products pictured.
  • Fix broken links.
    One common problem with e-commerce sites is the abundance of broken links. These glitches are sure traffic killers, because they make consumers lose interest. It is for this reason that you should always keep tabs on all your links so you avoid sending visitors into limbo (leave them halfway). There are many different tools you can use to check and fix these broken links.