Everything You Need to Know About Google’s SEO Tool

Midway the fourth quarter of 2018, Google launched a brand-new set of SEO tools designed to help website administrators and online marketers make sense of the ever-changing SEO algorithm. It is the best gift to website owners looking for some guidance on how to approach their optimization strategies now that online competition is becoming fiercer and fiercer by the day.

Google’s newest SEO tools form part of what has been dubbed as web.dev. Still in its beta phase, this portal is aimed at providing website developers, owners, and administrations useful and actionable guidance along with various analytical tools to help users learn about and apply the latest and most modern web capabilities to their own applications and sites. The web.dev portal is an excellent platform for web developers to better understand, learn about, and master the most defining standards and principles of modern web development. In general, the platform includes tools for assessing website performance in terms of crucial factors like accessibility, best practices, SEO, progressive web applications, and overall performance.

In addition to assessment tools for testing your site performance, the web.dev platform also presents structured learning paths where users can discover all that there is to know about web development and website building for the modern times. You can get deep into discovering different ways to make your personal, industrial, commercial, or business site better through complete resources for promoting faster load times, network resilience, discoverability and accessibility, as well as safety and security.

With faster load times, you guarantee fast-loading pages and applications, which helps reduce (if not eliminate) user drop-off. Network resilience brings forth a more consistent and reliable website performance, notwithstanding network quality.

Web.dev will also teach you how to make your site more discoverable and accessible so users can have quick and easy access to your site through search and even as they navigate through your pages and content. The portal also has useful information on ensuring site safety and user data security, which are always hot topics when it comes to web development.

You can get started with Google’s web.dev tool by testing your site and measuring and reviewing its performance. Sign it to take full advantage of its tools and get a detailed, step-by-step guidance on how you can improve your results as well as to monitor your efforts and progress over time.

Testing your website through web.dev is as easy as entering the URL of the website in question and waiting for the portal to return a report on the site’s performance, accessibility, best, practices, and SEO. In addition to scores pertaining to these important development aspects, the portal will also provide you with suggestions and recommendations for improvement like adding alt attributes to image elements, eliminating render-blocking resources, and proper sizing of images, among many others. By taking a more in-depth look into these results, you can formulate better ways to improve development and enhance your optimization strategies.

Google’s web.dev portal provides users with useful insights and suggestions that can be extremely helpful not only in solving many basic problems that web developers tend to encounter during the development and maintenance stages of their site, but also in uncovering issues that might be hindering your website’s performance and its potential for greater growth. The web.dev portal can lead you to website bugs, errors, and other problems and issues that could be hindering effective optimization and development for your site. Just the same, such tools are best utilized in the hands of skilled and knowledgeable experts who can help you make the most out of the insights that Google freely offers.

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