Finding Long Tail Keywords that are Worthy of Your Time and Investment

More businesses and website owners are putting more effort in optimizing for long tail keywords than they do for shorter, generic search terms. Why? Because long tail keywords have more potential to attract conversions. Longer and more specific, these phrases are the exact terms that visitors and consumers are more likely to use as they approach the late stages of the buying cycle, when they are closer to the point of purchase. While it may seem counter-intuitive to spend a lot of time researching long term keywords at the beginning, optimizing for them can actually be very valuable.

long tail keywords


Optimizing for Long Tail Keywords Can Drives Sales
Long tail keywords are search terms or phrases that are extremely specific to what you are selling. If for instance, you are a new business trying to sell and deliver fresh flower arrangements, it might be close to impossible to rank for “flower delivery”. By optimizing for long tail key terms like “fresh flower bouquet delivery (insert local area),” you have a higher chance of ranking for searches coming from consumers who are looking for the exact product or service you are offering.

Generic search terms are keywords that consumers typically use prior to making a purchase decision. They are primarily meant for research and narrowing down their choices. Long tail keywords, on the other hand, are very specific key terms that are far more likely to give you conversions and sales because the people who use them are further in the buying funnel. To help you visualize the phenomenon better, here is a typical buying path every consumer goes through when deciding to make a purchase:

  • First, they become aware of a product or service
  • Then they seek information about the product or service(with the possibility of a purchase)
  • They evaluate alternatives to the product or service, its features, pricing, and other significant details
  • They make a purchase decision
  • They pull out their credit card and complete the transaction
  • Finally, they evaluate the product and decide whether or not to keep it, return it, or keep buying from you.

Your long tail keywords primarily target people who are on the information seeking and alternative weighing stages of the buying cycle. Finding your site through these long tail searches will help them make the purchase decision and bring you the conversions you need.

Efficient management of long tail keywords allows you to establish stronger and clearer lines of communication between your consumers and your business. They help you target people who are actively shopping for the very things that you provide. Because people are becoming savvier online shoppers by the minute, their keyword searches are also increasingly moving towards specific long tail phrases, which is also why you should focus on generating the right long tail keywords on which you should focus your SEO campaigns.

How do you Start Finding Long Tail Keywords

You can get smart long-tail keyword suggestions through free services like Google’s very own keyword tool, and even the engine’s Suggested and Related Keywords section, which offers great insights into the most popularly used long-tail terms in search. Competitor analysis is also a legitimate way of generating efficient and competitive long tail search terms, as well as researching the natural language of your very own audience through their comment threads, forum, and email interactions.

Getting professional help is also a practical way to maximize your use of long tail keywords in your overall digital marketing strategy. SEOValley™ has all the tools and the expertise you need to ensure an efficient and holistic SEO and web marketing campaign.