Benefits of Search Engine Optimization that Justify Your Investment

Throughout a consumer’s online decision-making journey, he or she gets to interact with and is influenced by organic search on many different levels. This is why beyond paid search, email marketing, social media, and your digital media placements, your overall marketing strategy should include consistent initiatives in organic search optimization. In fact, SEO should be the foundational base of your entire digital marketing strategy as it lays a solid ground for all other marketing efforts you are to make.

A majority of scholarly studies agree that the marketing channel that delivers the greatest ROI for brands is organic search. However, throughout the years—and despite all the improvements and enhancements in the way search engines provide more relevant and higher quality search results—SEO has undeniably lost some of its luster especially with the rise of paid efforts. But while other channels may have stolen some of SEO’s glory because of their quick returns, experts agree that SEO can never lose its value as a fundamental digital marketing channel—one that should be viewed as a long-term investment rather than a quick fix to achieve short-term goals.

In fact, the beauty of SEO is exactly that it is an on-going effort that can augment, and at the same time benefit from the rest of your digital marketing efforts and even extend the life of your content.

SEO Enhances Content Marketing

Content marketing has been all the rage for the past several years. If you frequent SEO blogs, “Content is King” is a buzz phrase that headlined many features and continues to headline optimization posts until today. They may even tell you that content marketing is the new SEO. That said, content marketing alone can never replace comprehensive search engine optimization. The virality of a particular content often dies quickly, rendering that content asset invaluable after a period of time. The beauty of SEO is that it is so much more resilient. It can outlast any plain text, image, or video message that you roll out.  With search engine optimization, you inject an evergreen component to your content so that your keywords-focused and optimized content can continuously attract links and citations and possibly drive visitors to your domain perpetually or indefinitely without you having to shell out additional investment. Your content lives on, therefore giving you the opportunity to repeat its success well into the future.

The PR Value of SEO

Your ability to encourage authoritative links to your website is a huge factor in the overall effectiveness of your optimization efforts. This means that your ongoing PR efforts (such as creating relationships with and reaching out to other organizations and sites with the intention of building your brand) serves as an active effort not only in building PR buzz, but also in creating SEO relationships with these organizations. Buzz equals links and when you create content that gets a lot of attention from other authoritative sites, you get a strong ROI in the form of continuous traffic.

SEO and Usability

Search engine optimization isn’t merely about keywords and content. It is also about creating a holistically satisfying user experience because a properly optimized site not only enhances keyword-rich internal linking but also helps you create a better information structure. It ensures greater synergy between your page titles, headings, and actual copy. It also improves page load time, which helps enhance audience retention.

If you are struggling to prove SEO’s worth and convince the management or your colleagues about the potential of SEO in increasing your bottom line, the above mentioned benefits are great pieces of information to help you steer their decision. Together with our team of well-equipped, innovative, strategic thinkers, we can help you find the most appropriate approach that can best benefit your business. At SEOValley™, we use time-tested processes combined with brand new innovations to help you maintain lasting presence online.