How to Create Evergreen SEO Content that Doesn’t Get Stale

Stale content is the start of the demise of a website. While your site may still be functional, stale content creates underlying issues that run deep into the trenches of its foundation. This doesn’t only involve poorly organized and outdated content, but also old logos, and design trends that are past their prime, as well as features that are no longer useful. In this fast-moving, hyper-connected, and hyper-advanced world, having a tired website makes a company appear exactly like what that site promotes—old, stale, and irrelevant. Now that information travels a lot faster (and farther) than it did only a decade ago, it is high time to update your stale site and make sure your content is always fresh. Not only does old content damage your brand image, but it also hinders your brand from attracting more potential business.

Content management is one of the most important aspects of website development and online marketing. It is all about creating relevant and valuable content with the ability to engaged clearly defined target audiences. Once content is published, there are ways to make sure that they can remain fresh and useful with. In order, to upkeep the traffic of your website it is very necessary to keep useful and relevant content, and if it contains facts and figures, do update whenever the changes occur.

Evergreen SEO Content

Creating content involves a great deal of effort, because you spend your time ensuring that the content you generate has a long shelf life. In the same way, even evergreen content within topics and using formants that offer on-going value can show fatigue after some time—which means that they, too, need regular pruning and revitalization. Here are some important things to remember to ensure fresh and relevant content:

  • Review website copies on a regular basis.
    Review prominent as well as less prominent copies on a regular basis. Every website will likely have a good amount of dynamic content that keeps its pages fresh and relevant. This includes –events, blog posts, news updates, and similar types of content). Besides, maintaining dynamic content, it is important to keep the rest of your static content under the subheads like: your bios, services, about, and projects pages just as fresh and relevant. Keep an eye on pages that contain dates and accordingly make sure to keep your timeline and history updated. Look out for bios that require pruning and new bios that may need to be added. Home pages are also prone to stagnation, especially if you don’t swap out featured content or refresh its messages accordingly and on a regular basis. Adding new sliders and making tweaks to your key messages can help you keep your homepage fresh once it starts looking old and tired. For websites that feature case studies and project portfolios, updating its contents and features with the latest and greatest work you can showcase will not only increase your web traffic but also your services.
  • Make periodic revisions to your eBooks and whitepapers.
    If you publish eBooks and whitepapers, it is equally important to keep them as fresh as the other content. eBooks and whitepapers are fantastic instruments for lead generation. Keeping them evergreen is also an important part of content marketing that will help you maintain relevance. You may give them a fresh look using new graphics or add a new chapter with updated statistics and research to beef up their content and make them current.
  • Update old blogs to offer relevance.
    Old posts that continue to drive traffic offer great opportunities to gain relevance and credibility in the eyes of new leads. Constantly updating old blogs or relevant content on the site proves valuable, especially when these content are relevant, but need some slight updates on facts and figures mentioned. Blogging is considered as the cornerstone of good content marketing and keeping posts evergreen means the ability to drive traffic for months and even for years to come. If your content is old and has not been updated for a long time, it may be a good idea to generate more future proof pieces.