Why Spending on SEO is More Important Now Than Ever

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted life as we know it. Many companies are struggling to stay afloat due to lack of physical traffic.

Is your business forced to board up indefinitely due to this fast-spreading virus that prevents face-to-face interaction? Don’t give up. Building a strong online presence can save it.

Like many other business owners, you can move your operations online—fully or partially—to keep your funds from drying out as lockdowns continue to halt movement.

But of course, that’s easier said than done. Transitioning to an online operation requires much more than setting up an online shop or riding the wave of social networks. You need a solid web strategy that will put your business in front of your target customers—something that will put you ahead of many other similar businesses all trying to get their share of the market.  This is where search engine optimization or SEO comes into play.

Whether you’re just starting out online or have been selling products and services on the web for quite some time, it is now more crucial than ever to strengthen your search engine optimization strategy.

Why? Because competition is about to get tougher. The online business environment will become even more saturated with companies and small operators trying to get noticed. You really need your online content to be properly optimized if you want to get customers.

How is SEO more useful now for online businesses?

SEO is a long-term strategy for attracting prospects into your website, and eventually turning them into customer, loyal followers, and eager brand ambassadors.

Remember: You can be the best in your niche, but you won’t succeed online if nobody sees your website. A competitor with an inferior product but superior SEO will easily outstrip you.

Don’t let this happen. Invest in SEO to rank high in Google’s search results. This way, every time a user searches for something you offer, they will see your listing. This will put you one step closer to a sale.

The core of SEO is finding relevant keywords and phrases that people will likely use to search for your type of business, and then creating content around them or incorporating them into the content that you generate for your website and social media pages. The goal is to help you gain greater visibility, which results to lead generation and higher sales conversions.

SEO and the COVID-19 pandemic

In a crisis situation like the current pandemic, SEO offers business owners stability and scalability—the chance to build and expand a solid market even when customers are social distancing. No wonder both big and small businesses are capitalizing on SEO to win sales online, mitigate losses, and restore profitability.

Optimizing for search engines can put your businesses in a unique position to continue reaching out to clients even in a lockdown or quarantine situation. If you’re serious about succeeding in the “new normal,” then SEO should be high on your priority list. It’s time to optimize your online efforts so you can stand out in the noise and make yourself visible to the right audience.

SEOValley can help you get started. Talk to us today to boost your web visibility with SEO. We’ll help you expand your online reach in these trying times. Our enduring SEO strategies will also continue to bring customers long after this COVID-19 nightmare is over.